Aug 2014

Stillen Grille

I purchase a Stillen grille for a Lemans orange 2006 350Z the fitment seems to be off it arrived with some clips that look like in no way or form…


I’m looking at a 2006 350z, are there anythings to look out for when buying used?

In the 2003-09 model, where there any bad years to buy or…

Aug 2014

Need a value estimate

First off, I apologize if this is in the wrong area. It’s not a For Sale, just a value estimate question.

I recently made the decision to part…

Aug 2014

Z vs. C300

So I went to the local track this weekend and lost to an older Mercedes c300. Not sure what year really as I don’t know much about this brand.

Aug 2014

exhaust question

How much is a used hks replica catback worth?