Jan 2015

Track Questions


I’m totally new to the forum and have had my ’07 roadster for a few months now.

Sadly, it’s an automatic and I’m sure many will immediately say’ girls car’ but whatever…. i am a girl…

What does everyone think about the rear third F1 style break light that some are calling a fog light?


Maybe I read wrong but isn’t the spring mod for when the driver side is higher? If so then why is my passenger side higher? I can fit 2 finger on passenger side and 1 finger on drivers. Half tank of…

Jan 2015

Custom Floor Mats

I have seen that some people have had custom floor mats made for their Z. I use to have Version Select Black/Red checkered floor mats in my S13. I noticed they don’t make them for the Z. I’ve been…

Jan 2015

New Seats for your Zs

Hi guys,

We at Interior Innovations are in the automotive upholstery manufacturing business for the past seven years! We specialize in making seat covers, Boot Kits, Shift Knobs, Door Arm Rests…