Not trying to spread negativity here because I think the pedal is top 5 best mods for our cars. But was wondering if anyone else broke the fork or…

Oct 2014

03-06/07-08 y pipe

Ordering my Agency Power single exhaust today, but the Y pipe from my stock exhaust was welded :( . Needing to order a new Y pipe, but not sure of…

Oct 2014

Halogen or HID?

These are the lights on my 05 350z base model.
Are they Halogen or HID


I just purchased a 05 base model black on black 350Z manual. I plan to daily it and drift it. I started drifting 7 years ago and I’ve built…

Oct 2014

turbo question

I know that there are a bunch of different options and brands out there when it comes to turbos and superchargers. But I don’t really want to pay 5…