if there’s a forum already i don’t care i just need one reply with everything that should be done at 100K or 105K.


Dec 2014

Crashed My 350z

So on my way to school today i managed to run off the side of the road and into the ditch in my Z. From what we can see, the right tire is off the rim, my front bumper is slightly detached from the…

Dec 2014

My track

Hey ,

Will be documenting my nonsense here as I go .
Will get on the pc later and up load some pictures of my progress and questions I need to get opinions on …etc etc

okay now that the 350z is old and replaced by a 370z, what kind of appeal does a 350z have on peoples minds. I still get comments on my car being nice but still Im not sure.

Dec 2014

window whipers

what are my window wipers length for 350z I need to have them replaced at the front:confused: