finish build or call it quits

I own a silver 2006 Z
The plan is to swap a vq35hr and twin turbo it

Problems/ things to overcome:
Getting the engine in and running properly with all gauges functioning…

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Route 66 Extended Warranty

We were offer this at the dealer, they say best is Easy street for 2600 dollars for 48months, does anyone have this? should we buy it? the mechanic say the car is working as it should and he see no…

  Comments | By - June 27, 2015

WTB OEM parts

Hey everyone just looking for a few things. I posted in my respective local forum, but to no avail got any response.

-OEM 350z Catalytic converters
-OEM 350z black hood
-OEM radio mounting…

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Can I get a “welcome” from the Barbie box crowd?…Z34D98M703312/

Lady owned garage kept PPW…

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Off topic rant…Apparently trucks love to race the Z

We have owned the 08 350Z exactly 3 years now and for some reason it attracts v8 truck owners. In both situations, my wife was riding shotgun with me and had no idea the truck was pacing me…

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