Mic Goes Aero!!

I’ve often thought about adding some aero products to my car in order to increase its top speed from 197 to 220 and give me about 4,000 lbs of downforce to keep me planted.

Problem is, every thing…

  Comments | By - June 20, 2018

Nissan/datsun featured at the monterey historics

As all Z owners know, Nissan/Datsun has been a fixture in the world of motor racing for well over 50 years.


  Comments | By - March 17, 2018

User Tip: Google Search on My350Z.com

It’s a possibility that I’ve just been dense and missed it until now; but many times you’ll see members saying…

“Use google search with the operand ‘site:my350Z.com’ at the end of the query to…

  Comments | By - January 11, 2018

“Bob Bondurant on High Performance Driving” BOOK

OK, not a review of the book. Just a final “preachy” tip…

Anyone who has read any of my posts where I suggest “driving school” (of which I am happily chided for) and blow it off as the grumbling…

  Comments | By - August 3, 2017

Moderator note: Posting pics from photobucket

*This is an FYI for anyone who uses Photobucket to host images for posting and particularly for those using them to host pics for the MARKETPLACE.*

Photobucket – as many of you are finding out -…

  Comments | By - July 5, 2017

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