question on 2004 nissan 350z

good afternoon to all,
thanks for all the great info here I read it to keep my sons 350z in check. a major concern came up today when my son took his car for the average oil change. the mechanic…

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Gas Gauge not reading correctly?

good afternoon, my son just put some gas in his 2004 350z. at least $20. it shows Empty. i told him to wait a while, power off car on leveled street and power back on. maybe it might catch up? any…

  Comments | By - November 7, 2016

2004 350z turns off when it comes to stop sign

good morning to all,
my son has a 2004 nissan 350z. this is a GREAT CAR! the car has had the motor replaced, top replaced, front end suspension replaced, radio and door remotes replaced all under…

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