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JmanZ 05-28-2002 08:16 AM

This is the LAW of
Members, Guests, Friends,

I really didn't want to have to post something like this but it seems some people just don't get it so I have no choice.

99.9% of you get along just fine. We have differeing opinions from time to time and as adults, we discuss them and look at each other's points of view. We might not like what the other person says sometimes, but we agree to disagree.

I have had to ban people in the past for being rude, disrespectful or for starting fights. I don't like being the bad guy, and I often try to step around it but like any human, I can only be pushed so far.

If you post something where you start telling someone else off, using swears and other nice terms like "nazi car", I or one of my fellow moderators is going to step in and take action. It's called <b> COMMON SENSE </b> that you don't do this garbage.

I created this forum after getting fed up with the trash talk that was happening on other forums (one in particular) and obviously a great deal of you agreed with me because you post here more so than there now. Well, I knew that it would only be a matter of time before the trash talk tried to filter into this site, but the difference is that here at, we take out the trash.

Earlier today, I suspended a user for trash talk after recieving <b> multiple</b> complaints about him. I moved him to suspended status and emailed him, telling him that he was off for one week because of what happened.

What does he do? He re-registers under a second email address and then posts again talking trash.

This time, he has been banned. Strike three if you will.

I have discussed this with the other charter members and we feel a three strike rule is the way this board will operate. Just as in baseball, three strikes and you're out. It is possible to move to strike three on your first offense, just incase anyone is getting the idea they can be an ass twice and get away with it. (haha)

I just don't understand it. If someone upsets you in a post, <b> DEAL WITH IT LIKE AN ADULT</b>, not a teenager that just got challenged. Agree to disagree or simply don't read that person's posts. How hard is this to grasp?

If you want to talk trash, I can point you to a number of forums, but I can assure you that this is not one of them.

Thank you to those that tolerate the crap, knowing we'll get rid of it. I do appreciate those of you that have held your tongue when you felt like lashing out. To those that do lash out, better make it good because you will not last here.

Thanks for sticking with us people,


NevB 05-28-2002 05:09 PM

I just want to say "thanks"

Every other forum/list that I have attended has slowly degenerated into personal attacks and the best posters have left for new forums

so whatever it takes, lets keep the rubbish out of so that the good guys stay and deliver what everyone wants ...

pure, hot, 350z gold!

:D :D :D

#15Blade 05-28-2002 05:59 PM

Way to go Jay! This is why I come "here" and don't go "there".

LowFuel 05-28-2002 07:02 PM

I respectfully agree to agree with Jman. :)

I also know that playing the policeman on the forums is not fun at all, and I think I speak for many when I say that I greatly appriciate you keeping an eye on it.

Keep up the great work Jman...

Touring6MT_Z 05-28-2002 07:27 PM

A big thumb up and vote of confidence from me. What Jay called Law, I call it "Code of conduct for civilized world". This is also a primary reason I left "the other forum" recently. I browsed both forums since this one is opened and decided that this is a more civilized place. Keep up the good work, Jay and other moderators. Thanks! :) :) :)

tbcz 05-28-2002 07:30 PM

Awesome post are right on the money. There is absolutely no reason why this site ever has to decline into an online have set a good precedent for the kind of forum you want this to be, and it has attracted the kind of people that are enjoyable to share with. Great work big guy!

irishfan 05-28-2002 07:38 PM

Keep up the awesome work. You have done a great job keeping this a civil place to discuss the coming 350Z. There are plenty of ways to agree and/or disagree without getting nasty, and I appreciate the amount of work you have done to draw an appropriate "line in the sand".


Touring6MT_Z 05-28-2002 07:44 PM

Hey, irishfan,

We got the same color and model. I am glad you're in a different state, so we won't run into each other at the stop light.

tbcz 05-28-2002 07:58 PM

Originally posted by VQracer
IS there a limit on how big a picture you can post? Because I sometimes tend to post really big pictures of high quality.
I was going to say 99 kbytes but just checked and saw it has jumped up to 250 kbytes...I guess it's whatever Jman feels the server is able to handle efficiently...he can probably give you a better answer (note: the max file size allowed is in the "Attach file" field).

ZBarrister 05-28-2002 07:59 PM

Your banning procedure does not seem arbitrary or capricious and you give fair warning. What else can a guy do? The rules are clearly stated and easily understood. You can be critical and not be a dick, but i guess that's not an easy thing to do for some people. Oh well, as the song says..."I fought the law and the law won"

AudioPat 05-28-2002 08:06 PM

Hey J....thanks for tryin to keep those "evil doers" on Track...(even though I ordered a touring)...the info provided by the site and the good folks that join in is priceless...still know more about the Z than my dealer

Keep it rollin


ncrecordkeeper 05-29-2002 02:36 AM

kudos jman....

This forum has really taken shape and is much more pleasant to deal with. I hope you're able to keep the atmosphere cleaner and a little more professional than THAT other forum.

It's hard to understand why respect isn't in so many other's vocabulary.

h4lights 05-29-2002 02:55 AM

Thank You!
1 Attachment(s)
It is very disappointing when you see legitimate postings at other sites be turned into some form of degenerative diatribe.
I have been guilty of participation in the past at the former B&C only because I could not believe that those folks doing the mischief thought that they were contributing anything.
I'm sorry if you are having problems. Three strikes is more than fair.

TCL 05-29-2002 03:09 AM

H4, what is that avatar? Is it an internal rendering of the VQ engine? Too small for me to discern.

john0213 05-29-2002 04:23 AM

Nice job Jay

hey h4light what's the pic on the avator? do u mind giving me the site where u find it? i'm interesting on the article about the picture if there is one~:rolleyes:

h4lights 05-29-2002 06:44 AM

It's a VG30:
It's actually an animated .gif of the induction process.
If you want a copy drop me a line at [email protected] and I'll send a copy.

In2Gems 05-29-2002 08:21 AM

I have followed this site for a couple of weeks

and I'm glad to note I havent seen any offensive posts

Thanks for the hard work to make this an enjoyable forum !!!!!!!!

USMA71 05-30-2002 05:09 AM


You're doing an awesome job. With literally hundreds of posts per day, I salute you for your effort in keeping this a respectable site.

You've given us a great forun to express ourselves. Those that migrate to hostility, confrontation, or disrepect towards others, should know that they will be at risk for continuing to have the priviledge of participating in this site.

You have demonstarted a fine record of tolerance and warnings to those that have violated this simple code of ethics. Continued disregard by these people leaves us all little choice but to ban them from further participation.

You've got my full support.;)

no_jalopy 05-30-2002 05:53 AM

Well done. I don't understand why ANYBODY would get out of line on this forum. We should all be as happy as pigs in slop. We're getting a new car baby:D YEEEEHAWWWW. :D THE NEW Z!!!
I don't care who you are or what you say to me. You're not going to rain on my parade. We all work too hard for our money and life is too short. I'm so glad to converse with other people on this thread. I want everyone to share their excitement (about their Z)with me and I'll do the same. Let's enjoy the anticipation together. More then half the fun is the journey NOT the destination and being car lovers as we probably are that should be a natural for us. Ok, I'm done...sorry for rambling guys and girls. Keep up the great posts, I'm enjoying it.


tbcz 05-30-2002 01:00 PM

Well said, no_jalopy :) . My thoughts exactly. I'm happier than pigs in slop right now. And with each new picture and tidbit of news it just gets better! :) :) :)

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