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[email protected] 08-10-2012 03:00 PM

Racing Transmission Mounts, Short Throw Shifters, and More!! Check It Out!

Hey 350Z owners, here are some of our more popular Powertrain items. Browse through and see what you are interested in. If you need anything that you don't see, just PM me and I will be able to get pricing for you. Click on "Add to Cart" to see our prices.

Avid Racing AC.MM.013T 350Z Billet Aluminum Upgraded Transmission Mount - Z33

The highly anticipated Nissan 350Z Billet aluminum transmission has arrived. This mount is designed to stiffen the transmission drive train and allow less strain on the drive shaft. Therefore, transferring more power to the rear end and better shifting response due to less driveline movement. CNC machined from Alcoa 6061 T-6 aluminum.

B&M 45163 350Z Short Shifter

A premium sport shifter engineered for the 350Z & Infiniti G35, and the NEW 370Z AND G37 COUPE. This Sport Shifter has all of the features a performance minded driver requires. The finest materials, CAD designed, coupled with a short throw (33% reduction from stock) results in one extraordinary precision shifting system. This stylized precision shifter includes many of the key features found in race shifters including a stainless steel stick assembly, a CNC machined aluminum base and a glass filled nylon pivot ball. All of this combined with a simple straightforward installation provides a professional level shifter.

CZP 350Z Upgraded Heavy Duty Clutch Fork Kit w/ Fork Boot for 2003 Models Only

The CZP Upgraded Heavy Duty Clutch Fork Allows for Better Pedal Accuracy and Durability. Stock OEM pedal is flimsy and can flex and break over time. The CZP Heavy Duty Clutch Fork is a Full Cast Iron Fork, preventing any type of flex. Upgrade is only required for 2003 Models, 2004+ Models already have this Upgraded Standard.


03-06 350Z
03-06 G35 Sedan
03-07 G35 Coupe

CZP Heavy Duty Clutch Fork
CZP Chomoloy Pivot Ball
Fork Pivot Ball Spring
Throw out Bearing Sleeve Spring
Fork Boot Cover

Nismo 350Z Adjustable Short Shifter - Z33

Instant driver adjustability! While sitting in the drivers seat with one hand on the Shift Knob, put your other hand over the top boot to grasp and pull up on the inner rubber boot and release sleeve.

This will free the shifter lever to move up or down as desired. When you release the sleeve, the shifter will lock into place.

There are four levels:
-Level 1 is the highest level and is 20% longer than stock
-Level 2 is at stock throw 0% stock throw
-Level 3 is below the stock level 20% shorter throw than stock
-Level 4 is the lowest level 40% shorter throw than stock

Z Speed 300ZX Solid Shifter Support Brace & Boot Kit - Z32

The Z Speed Performance Solid Shifter Support Brace is made from 3/8" Laser Cut High Strength Steel and replaces all of the current shifter mounts along with the included shift boot kit. That means you are removing over $250 worth of Nissan parts that need replacing periodically with items that will withstand decades of abuse. Coupling this brace and boot kit with the Z1 Premium Short Throw Shifter produces the most accurate and solid shift feel imaginable.

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350Zdj 08-31-2012 10:27 PM

Got the Avid Racing trans mount installed few days ago. It rocks.

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