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ZmeGoPB 01-01-2017 07:32 PM

04 GReddy 20G help!
04 350z TT project

Cylinder 2 and 5 have low compression. Pressure tested, rings are toast.

GReddy 20g TT kit installed in 09, cylinders died in 13 and haven't driven it since.

Looking for a knowledgeable motor head to help me with the rebuild. I am pretty sure I will be rebuilding turbos also.

Who on here wants to help me tackle the project? I'm located in Indianapolis and can get the car to you once all the parts are purchased for engine rebuild.

I need suggestions on what parts to get. I will be doing the UpRev Osiris tune. I have the cord and I am hoping the doc will help me tune her again once built.

Your time will be compensated once agreed on a price and while work is being done.

So, I'm not asking for something for free. I just am not that hands on, and the friends who said they would help are no where to be seen. I'm ready to get her back on the road, so PM me, please.

Looking for over 600 hp at the rear wheels. Budget will be discussed. Timeline, summer 2017. Is 600 whp able to get and reliable?


bealljk 01-02-2017 08:45 AM

Seeing that you don't want to do this build yourself and/or with the help of a fellow Z aficionado I would find a reliable shop to do the work. The good thing is that the car will done and be right, the bad thing is it will be expensive.

If you want over 600whp (which is feasible with the 20g blowers) plan on spending $15k to $25k depending on how bad your turbos are, how much of your engine is salvageable, and how many other supporting mods you already have.

rearranged 02-02-2017 06:37 PM

Dynosty is a couple hours south in Louisville.

nomyth46 02-04-2017 04:35 PM

^ Yup agreed!!!!!If you want it done right and for it will be money well with 20g's, cams, their head package and haltech they can get you in the 750whp plus range and turn it into a killer!!!!

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