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  1. 350z-Helsinki
    04-20-2015 07:16 AM
    You are right that you can't go over 6v (corrected 5v) so it will give you only 1V more. That is alot though.

    Surely stock maf can reach 400hp in 3" maf tube. Mine is 2,75" and the stock maf maxxed out at 5000rpm. With the modified Maf I can go to redline which is 4,9v corrected. So it does make a difference. Maf sensor measures airflow with current. Airflow cools maf element and the voltage is changes so that the MAF temp is kept static. The higher the voltage more airflow is needed to keep the temp down.

    I haven't dynoed the car so my 400hp was just an estimation. It costs you 2$ and few minutes to try it out. I think It would do it for you, but surely you can buy new MAF if you think that's a better solution. Idle and cruise will be more difficult to tune with other mafs.
  2. micho196
    04-18-2015 01:28 PM
    Yeah, I've read that stock MAF is 0-6V but it doesnt change anything IMO... If ECU read 5V you can assume that MAF is maxed at its 6V, but signal is cut by internal resistor in ECU to 5V, right? So if you put additional resistor you will cut this 6V by another precentage value... just for example to 4,2V, but you will not be able to go over because MAF already reached 6V, do you understand me? If you want to go over 4,2V you should exceed 6V what is impossible... that's only my thoughts but i'm pretty sure it's correct...
    Other situation is when 5V on ECU isn't equal 6V on MAF... then it may works

    I heard/read that 380-400HP can be achieved on stock MAF. I dont know your setup but I maxed my MAF(5,06V) at 5500 RPM. But you had to use resistor for that power level...

    IMO torque output is the most important when you consider engine durability instead of HP but they are related... Below approx 580Nm should be safe for stock engine assuming you dont have knock...
  3. micho196
    04-09-2015 02:14 PM
    Hi I found you in one of threads on forum regarding extending MAF range using resistor. I also maxed my stock MAF on twin turbo 350z and now looking for cheapest working idea how to extend MAF range. I made custom 3" intake pipe with 20mm higher flange but it seems not working well because MAF is also maxed at about 5500RPM. I want to ask you if you used resistor in your setup and if it's really working? In my opinion this method will not work good as well because it can only reduce voltage after MAF, so if you've hit 5V at 5500RPM now you will hit 4,2V but you will not be able to go over 4,2V right?
    How did you manage this issue? Is it necessary to buy HPX-N2 or Uprev GT MAF sensor? Or maybe you have another idea how to solve this issue?
    I use Uprev Rom Editor to calibrate my engine and I discovered that if MAF is maxed then load(BFS) and ignition timing becomes static/constant and cannot be adjusted... and my engine starts knocking at about 5200-5500...
    Can you help me somehow?

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