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    Nismo JDM Sway Bars/Bilstein B8 Shocks/Tein S-Tech Springs/Katzkin Leather Seats/Enkei Tenjin Tuning Wheels, Garmin GVN 52 "blackbox" installed in the small cubby space behind the driver's seat, Power Acoustik PT-700MHR 7" LCD monitor installed in the Z's upper/forward cubby
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    2003 350z Performance Model--Nismo JDM Sway Bars/Bilstein B8 Shocks/Tein S-Tech Springs/Katzkin Leather Seats/Enkei Tenjin Tuning Wheels/Garmin GVN 52 "blackbox" GPS/Power Acoustik PT-700MHR 7" LCD monitor/Kenwood SD Head-Unit


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  1. 03-11-2017 11:10 AM
    Greetings Spike. In this post you report that your transmission "whistles" when its cold. The trans in my 2013 G37s 6MT does the same thing! My dealer refused to replace anything because the sound couldn't be replicated in their presence, despite my many videos detailing the problem. Would you please do me a favor and listen to this
    of the whistling noise and tell me if it's the same noise your car was making? Did you ever discover the root cause of the problem?

    Thanks in advance for your time.


  2. johnsal
    03-07-2017 02:57 PM
    Hi Spike, I totally missed your reply that the problem with FM reception is the ground for the antenna.

    Where is this connection made? Would a different antenna help the issue? Is it a bad design, or did something become loose on my car? Someone else just posted that their 08 has the same issue. Mine is 07.

    PM sent because I doubted you were following this old thread.

    Thanks - John
  3. 02-22-2015 03:13 PM
    I just read your suspensions upgrade thread...why did you go with tein s instead of tein h? I have heard tein s some people cannot get it back into factory specs and had to buy the additional camber parts to get in spec.

    thanks for your time
  4. 03-11-2014 12:45 PM
    Hey Spike - Thanks for the kudos on the Best Roads thread. Just wanted to acknowledge the kind words with a friend request. You've been a big help to a lot of people on the site, so thanks!
  5. 05-30-2013 08:50 AM
    Great info on the audio/vid section
  6. 02-28-2012 08:24 PM
    I've been searching and reading through the A/V section of the forums lately and have obtained a vast amount of knowledge from your posts on topics. I felt like it would only be appropriate for me to drop by and say thanks.
  7. 06-01-2009 04:01 PM
    Hey Spike. Thanks so much for your note. Couple of things. I think I might have been worked over on the brake repair. I checked Angies list on the guys who did it (they had changed hands after I had used them for other work for years) and got some bad feedback about doing unecessary work. Bu that was three years ago and all is fine now at that end, so I write it off.

    The rear tires are still in pretty good shape, just light on tread, but I have now seen enough stuff on this, including one of your posts I think, that I asked to have them replaced and it was done today. So now I have to road test again and will with fingers crossed (although it is hard to understand how the tire size diff would put the car into limp mode rather than just fire off the slip indicator). But regardless, it is safer to have new tires anyway.

    Keep your fingers crossed, as this is the next try. After that, it is running with TCS off I think, which is not optimal. Will drop you a note once this is all sorted and let you know if it worked or if I drove (or pushed) it off a cliff.

    Take care and my direct email is [email protected]. Thanks for your response it reinforces the thinking I was beginning to hear.

  8. 05-26-2009 08:18 AM
    Hi Spike, you have shown up on a couple of tech posts with good info, so I thought I would reach out direct with a post I am about to put out. Don't want to pester you and apologies if this is intrusive, but you do seem to have experience in this one. Many thanks in advance if you can offer some follow up.



    Could use some insights on my car and hope that I can get some direction from you guys toward repairs. First, I am not a tech guy (I am a finance guy) so I am looking for direction in an area that has stumped both the dealer and a local repair guy as well. As a lead in, following a lot of reading of this sight, here are some things that will hopefully help with the guidance.

    - Car is 2004 Roadster
    - I am the second owner (bought it at Carmax with 12,000 miles on the odometer) and have owned it for close to four years now.
    - I am told that there are NISMO mods to the exhaust, but do not know exactly what they are. Also told that there are apparently no other mods.
    - Car has 35,000 miles on it.
    - Tires are apparently stock and original (Potenza’s) and the front are still very high on tread availability and the rear set are in good shape as well, although there is noticeable tread wear there (nowhere near bald).
    - At about 16,000 miles in August of 2006, the rear brakes started to jingle like mad and once I figured out it meant brake replacement , I replaced front rotors and rear calipers at the time (I told you I am not technical, and by the way, the Nissan dealer didn’t even tell me after a couple of looks. Took an independent repair shop…). No further replacements of brakes and no more jingling either.
    - No other repairs or maintenance aside from oil changes, which I do with synthetic, 5W30
    - I don’t know what a vdc is and don’t think I have it, but I do have traction control and a TCS off button next to the convertible control at my left knee. I have not yet tried turning off TCS, but when it is reset this time I plan to do just that.

    The car has developed a regular problem of going into permanent traction control lately. This problem is showing for the first time ever in my experience as of two months ago this week. It virtually always starts with a right turn and not at particularly high speed (perhaps 20 – 30 mph max). I will make a turn (not even pushing) and suddenly the TCS and the slip lights, along with check engine light, will light up and I lose all power. Still idles fine, but throttle pressure gets me about 5 mph and it won't even cross high speed bumps without a run at them (pretty embarrassing on the road when it first happened as you might imagine, being outrun by people walking...). Pull the key for a count of ten and it will restart just fine with only the check engine light showing still, although it tends to be more prone to going off with TCS/Slip lights again until the next "repair" round and will occasionally, until that next repair, go off again even without a right turn. It has never happened that I can recall on a left turn in the two months since this first started.

    They have been working on this for two months now and I am ready to drive the thing off a cliff. Replaced all grounds, the throttle (twice!) and even the main computer (that took an act of God, whom I was certain was too busy by the way and heck, I should have saved that act for the actual repair request it appears...) and it just went another hour of driving over the weekend and did it again! The next stop is the transmission, but this is getting very frustrating as you might imagine.

    It looks like others have gone through something similar, but not exactly (seems to me that most have run into this after wheel mods). So far neither Nissan, nor an independent repair guy who has a lot of experience with Nissans in general, can fix this problem and I am at wit's (not to mention idea's) end.

    I have seen some conflicting ideas including gas pedal sensor problems (I think that was mentioned by the repair guy and replaced as well) and rear tire size (mine are stock though) and most of these posts are pretty old. So before I blow any more money on repairs, I thought I would get the best thinking on this.

    As an aside, and all of you may know this, the 2004 350Z at least, apparently has an 8 year 80K mile warranty on the computer apparently (is that what is referred to as the ECM?). So if you have problems there, be sure you mention the warranty. Not sure it is a well known fact (but I am not technical…).

    Any guidance I can give my repair guy to point him will be MUCH appreciated. If there are clarifications I need to provide, I will be happy to as well. This thing is really becoming a pain and I want my car back…
  9. 05-01-2009 04:25 PM
    Thanks for the positive feedback on the Nitto thread.
  10. 02-27-2009 03:37 PM
    Say you post on my thread along with another similar one and was hoping you could help explain some things.

    So this is what I am looking to do (as of now )

    Pioneer DEH-P980BT (main HU)
    KOS-L702 (in upper cubby)
    Kenwood KNA-GH510 (navigation add-on for KOS-L702)

    I will have bluetooth AND ipod capability on my pioneer HU. Will I be able to connect my main pioneer HU and the KOS-L702 to each other and if so will I be able to plug my ipod into my pioneer and control it on the KOS screen? What about bluetooth?

    Thanks for any help you can provide

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