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Today 10:02 AM

As an instructor why would this even be a question? You know why safety gear is important, students do not. They will ride out of pure naiveness looking to get impressed. Please same gear always. Set...
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Today 09:27 AM

My first z was an 04 6speed touring and it was full bolt on when i bought it with 149k. I put 20k miles on it in 6 months. never had any issues with the car. Didnt burn any oil or anything. I would...
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Today 09:21 AM

It's a good indication the stillen bracket kit will fit by looking at the picture below... if the Stillen license plate rod is longer than the stock tow hook, you're good. However, the thread pitch...
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Today 09:16 AM

I am making 624 whp and 508 tq with this unit. Free bump for OP.
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By: eZg
Today 08:17 AM

I went with Fast Intentions.......... .but I am also forced feed (Turbo) so that changes tone I imagine. You can spend lots of time looking up YouTube vids and listening to diff exhaust options....
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Today 08:13 AM

Well I did end up doing what dkmura had originally suggested :thumbup: I found a set of Cosworth pistons/rings/pins going for a very good price over here, so the rest of the parts I will still need...
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Today 07:50 AM

Interested / msg’d
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Today 07:35 AM

I'm gonna get the V3 rear since it's very rare and looks better in my opinion
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Today 07:19 AM

OP, we're both from Palm Springs. What do you drive? I might have seen you around! At this stage my guess would be to get a second opinion on this. There are mobile mechanics. It would be well...
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Today 06:01 AM

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By: eZg
Today 05:23 AM

Kind hard to compare a wrap to a paint job. $300-$500 DIY wrap > $10K 'ish and up paint job.
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By: Zester
Today 01:57 AM

VTC kicks in at around 3.200 or 3.500 rpm. While doing so it also reads from CKP (POS) crankshaft position sensor which reads from flywheel.
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Today 01:55 AM

just do it! EDIT: Meanwhile I can't find Greddy TT HR kit anywhere out of curiosity.
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Today 01:44 AM

Just go to any Autozone or Advanced Auto Parts near you and ask for it. They should have it in stock.
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By: Zester
Today 12:53 AM

It shouldn't be. But I suspect the problem is that I exposed the sensor to magnetic field. I did the mistake of pulling the bolt of the sensor out with magnet on a stick. You know, the one for bolts....
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By: Zester
Today 12:02 AM

Looking at my throttle bodies on VQ35HR engine, I saw this red switch/lever and was wondering why is it there? Anyone knows? ...
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Yesterday 10:29 PM

Hi all, thanks for the advice, sorry for not including more info, it was late last night 😂 The car is an 07 350 with a DE engine, just under 90k on the clock. The only time the pedal has stuck...
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Yesterday 09:18 PM

Do you have any friends with a similar year Z that would allow you to use the AC amp box to test? The inputs for the gauges and the cluster are directly linked to this box. If not, I have seen them...
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Yesterday 08:06 PM

What size trash can was that? I can see it is a Sterilite brand, but wanted to get the exact one. This is a brilliant looking mod. I can now buy a cheap intake, and make my own heat shield for a...
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Yesterday 06:20 PM

The misfire went away with the new coil about a week ago. We just had a downpour (vented hood) and I drove the car about a mile and it started slightly misfiring. It didn’t run as rough as...
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