350Z Build Sheet

I am looking for a build sheet for a 2005 Nissan 350Z my son wants to buy in Chicago
how can i get one
The VIN is JN1AZ34D05M602828

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Owner of 03 Z since 01/05. I am curious how many of us 60+ year olds still drive the Z. Every time I think of letting it go, I take a drive and refresh the feeling I got when I first bought it. …

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Gas tank leaking >:l

So I went to fill my car up with gas for the first time since I put the engine into the car. The gas gauge only shows about 3/4 full, but the tank seems to be overflowing. Looking at the top of the…

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PLX Kiwi2 Bluetooth not working?

Hey guys, sorry if this has already been on here but i tried to look it up and got nothing soooo,

I received a PLX Kiwi2 Bluetooth for Christmas. I went out to my car that day and plugged it in….

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Cordless impact kit recommendations

I have been using the regular sockets and tools for over 10 years now but I figure with all the new cordless technology there are some nice cordless impact tools available…Can you guys recommend a…

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