Randomly will not start…

Hi everyone!
Was wondering if anyone has had issues (or heard of any) with a 350Z randomly not starting? When I say not starting, I mean the key initiatives the starter but it just will not start…

  Comments | By - September 20, 2018

I just dont know what to do anymore….

Alright guys ive been experiencing hard starts for way too long now, my car has to crank way too much before it starts, and when it does turn over its sounds crazy with the car struggling. And on top…

  Comments | By - September 19, 2018

Tomei Expreme ti Exhaust help

So i currently bought a tomei expreme i exhaust, its coming tomorrow thursday the 20th of sept. I know its all bolt ons and relatively an easy and quick install. My question is does it come with…

  Comments | By - September 19, 2018

Rear Brakes warmer than front

Hello everyone. As you may have known I made a post last week about my rear brakes being really hot with brake dust everywhere. Well I went ahead and replaced all 4 rotors, all pads, and the REAR…

  Comments | By - September 18, 2018

Help on selling vortech v2

Well I just wondering what a vortech v2 is going for these days I’m thinking of parting out my car and putting it back to stock and getting a q50 3.0t any help would be appreciated thanks

  Comments | By - September 18, 2018

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