CEL after installing stock cats?

hey guys,

So I put my stock cats back on my Z, I had test pipes on the car and was running with a SES light for a while. I went to my mechanic…

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NEED HELP identifying this beast

what kit is this & what spoiler… its not the ams gt one from vis racing cause the license plate isnt the same

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Car won’t start help

I’m working on a 2002 maxima. I’ve tested for spark, fuel pump was replaced, and tested for fuel injector pulse. All is good. The car starts and…

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LOL its okay, hes got a vtec


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Drive a Sports Car ‘Hard’ to keep it Clean – Any Truth?

I’ve heard this statement before, and over the years I’ve learned to take everybodys BS with a grain of salt… but finally today I’ve decided I need…

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