buying a salvage car for track use

I was wondering how many of you guys have gone down this road or thought about it before. I would like to build a straight track car for drift. I…

  Comments | By - May 8, 2013

Hey guys, please some advice!

I have a 2007 nissan 350zHR its a base model, it doesn’t have the lsd(the button on the left of the steering wheel)right? A friend sells me the diff…

  Comments | By - May 7, 2013

Miles per full tank of gas?

Hello everyone,

I was curious to see how many miles you all get for a full tank of gas?
Also, when does DTE come on? How many gallons is usually…

  Comments | By - May 7, 2013

Headlight recomendation??

So I need to buy a new set for my 03 350Z because mine are just junk and look bad.

I just need some opinions on what aftermarket headlights are…

  Comments | By - May 7, 2013

Help finding Nismo v2 sideskirts?

I know you can buy the Nismo v2 front bumper at the Nismo shop, however, I’m having trouble finding a pair of v2 sideskirts to buy online. Does…

  Comments | By - May 7, 2013

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