Photo Gallery: ZCON 2017 at the Circuit of the Americas

Nissan Z cars at ZCON

Z car owners come together during ZCON to celebrate and show off Nissan’s sports cars.

  Comments | By - July 11, 2017

P0430 P0435 after drift event

I took my Z to my first drift event last weekend. Towards the end of the day my CEL came on. I had the code read and it was P0340 and P0345… I cleared the code and continued driving the rest of the…

  Comments | By - February 20, 2018

2004 Window Motor running

I have a 2004 Z – and the driver window motor will not stop running unless I take the door off and disconnect the switch. After reconnecting it, the motor works and the window will go back up, but…

  Comments | By - February 19, 2018

350z issue (HELP)

So i just replaced my MAF Sensor and Throttle body to my 350z and When I go to turn the car on it dies out but when i unplug the MAF it turns on but idles very rough and I cant go past 2500 rpm. I am…

  Comments | By - February 19, 2018

2003 nissan 350z lower control arm

I’d like to know if anybody can resolve this issue I have a negative camber issue and I found my lower control arm bushings are bad they seem to be squishing out if that was replaced will that…

  Comments | By - February 18, 2018

part out?

thinking about parting out thew 350z here is a list of parts figured ask 75% of listed price. what do u guys think. all items have less then 2000 miles. motor and transmission have 30k. what do u…

  Comments | By - February 17, 2018

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