Brakes don’t work after bleeding and new master cylinder

I have a 04 350z with a braking problem that I’ve had to deal with for a couple months now.

I broke a brake line out on the track which caused my master cylinder to run dry. I have since replaced…

  Comments | By - December 13, 2018

Beginning mods

Hello everyone! I’ve heard of this website for a quite a while and decided to come here for help. I’ve had my 2004 touring 350z for a little over a year and I’m ready to move away from (mostly)…

  Comments | By - December 13, 2018

Another one bites the dust

Yesterday morning I was on my way to work, going straight through an intersection featuring entrance ramps to I-95. A limo driver, coming the other way, made his left turn right into my left front…

  Comments | By - December 11, 2018

Door lock stuck

tried searching, i know its a common problem but all of the fixes that ive been encountering has to do with being able to open the door which i cant do. Is there a different way to open the door…

  Comments | By - December 10, 2018

350z headlight lenses?

First Post

anyone have any idea why headlight lenses for the 350 aren’t just sold by themselves? I just purchased an ‘06 and the dumb ass before me spray tinted the headlights and then used a…

  Comments | By - December 10, 2018

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