Vaccuum line diagrams?

Im trying to clean up some messy procharger install stuff from previous owner.

i believe the original spot for pcv hose was on the plenum(not the one on top left that goes to haltech).

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Nissan dealerships recommending 0w20?

Recently went to a Nissan dealership in S Fl to get an oil change and the only synthetic they had is 0w20, they said that is what Nissan recommends now for a couple of years. Maybe for the gas…

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Engine keeps breaking up / stuttering, runs when I clear engine codes

My car is a 2003 350z with around 121,000 miles. In the video I show exactly whats wrong. I replaced the cam angle sensor but the code for it keeps coming back. When I clear engine codes it will rev…

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Fix / Cover Rust on Fender Edge

Hello all! I know this is a 350z forum…. however, cars are very similar and probably rust in the same areas… so I am seeking advice on how to go about fixing some rust around my fenders. Autobody…

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Stillen HR headers

Anyone know why Stillen stopped making these headers?

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