P0507 Issues

Code reads as “Idle Speed Control System” My rpm sits and idles at 1000-1100. Driving the car the accelerator pedal is lacking on response and running through gears it revs awkwardly.


  Comments | By - April 22, 2017

Please help p0021

I’ve been a Z owner since 2011 and have used my350z religiously. Just using the search features I have been able to get tons of advice and solve issues. I’ve read just about everything I could in…

  Comments | By - April 22, 2017

FSM says of nuts, “replace after every disassembly”??

There are many nuts for which the FSM specifies “replace after every disassembly”. Since I just replaced a rear subframe, I’m thinking specifically of many nuts holding rear suspension together and…

  Comments | By - April 22, 2017

Nissan dealer key ripoff

I bought a 2004 350z with 46,000 miles and one key. I have programmed my Ram keys in the past but I see it can’t be done with Nissan. So I go to the dealer, Carlock ​Nissan in a Tupelo, MS who…

  Comments | By - April 21, 2017

wheel setup

hey guys, so ill be buying my very first set of wheels ever , ive done a bit of research but now that i have them picked out i just wanted to make sure that everything will be okay and ask for your…

  Comments | By - April 20, 2017

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