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Just a quick notice, when a 350z roadster's top will not close -

you can diagnose the problem by the symptoms - is it stopping when closing, when opening, is the light on/off, when does it stop, ect. There are many problems that can go wrong with these tops.

The issue in this thread (at least the majority of it after hijacked) is your top will open almost to the very end, but then it will stop - not finishing the open cycle. The motor will run, and the top will tug down, but not go down all the way. You can close (successfully) and open several times, but it gets stuck at the very end of open the cycle.

This is caused by 2 possible issues.

1 - Something has broken loose or is getting in the way. Look at your top from the inside for anything that might be preventing the top from folding correctly. Many have found loose parts (tabs, fabric folds) and fixed it relatively easily.

2 - From the bands.

If this is your problem, many have found relief by helping the 3rd bow fold down, and/or waiting for the top to warm up (the top should not be operated in the cold - probably the reason for these wear-outs).

Please allow a note on the cold weather. These tops were not engineered to be utilized in cold weather.

If your bands are good, it will pull the top down anyway, but this causes stress to your motor and the bands eventually wearing both out. Very expensive fix to replace motors and parts. If you operate your top in cold weather you will eventually have issues like this. The reason the top fails to open completely in cold weather is because the bands are no longer strong enough to make up for it. This is why some have reported being able to open the top after letting it heat up in the sun.

The bands are above you on the left and right side stretching between the 2 and 3 bow. These pull the 3rd bow in during the open cycle. *These bands have been replaced by Nissan with a stronger, more durable part.*

It can be repaired as a DIY.

Here is the pdf posted earlier :

You will need to order part #97150-CE01B, which are the bands. You can find them here:

They are $11.75 each. This is a steal, but the labor is intensive - hence the high price to put them on. But not $800.00 intensive.

Once you have them just follow the pdf, it is very detailed. You will need 2 replacement bands, double-sided tape, and some rivets and and a tool to press the rivets (borrow some from a buddy or go to your local cheap tool place - you probably wont need these pliers again anytime soon). Easy enough.

You can get away with helping the bow down and/or opening only in warm weather, but eventually this will get old. Luckily its a cheap fix, and we love our z's - so why not keep them happy? Good luck.

- Mike

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Originally Posted by MastaRay View Post
Hello I just got my z like a week ago and have noticed that when i put the top down it some times wont go down all the way. The top folds down and evrything but when the cover goes to shut it will get stuck about an inch or so from fully closing. I have to open it a little then close it and then it will close all the way. Has anyone else had this problem? It is really enoying and i would like to know if anyone have any ideas on how to fix it.
Mine does the same thing too sometimes and i found what the problem was.......
there is a metal bar right above your head that has to go down when the roof goes down so just give it a little push right before entering the storage area and bam.....dont push it hard just reach your hand and gently push it down while the roof goes down.
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There are two elastic bands that help position the bow during the folding process. They ware out fairly quickly. I push on the bow everytime I lower the top. I believe that if the bow is in the wrong position, over time it will ware on the corners of the top, and on the motor.
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I have a 350 z convertible . When i have my roof up the roof light blinks but when i let the roof down it stops blinking? Any ideas? Is there a sensor or fuse to check?
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