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Default 2003 350z TT, Nismo body kit, tentative purchase

Have driven a few Nissans, from a stock 2009 370z Nismo, to a 350z TT 2003. I felt the Nismo 370 heavy, compared to the 350Z TT.

They are different cars, and with significant price tags. Another major factor APR on the 2003 is higher vs. the newer 2009.

* * *

List of mods:

Jim Wolf 530BB Twin Turbo Kit


- The car needs some TLC, the A/C does not work, no cold air coming out. Friend said its possibly the evaporator and to work it out with the seller on price.
- AEM boost gauge not working, stuck on 30 psi, seller mentioned bad sensor. No way of telling if there is some boost creep.
- Navigation does not work
- There is some minor rust on the front right fender, very light, the size of a quarter, more like surface rust, will post pics soon.
- The LSD somewhat noisy, seller stated, (and friend as well), aftermarket are like that.
(Seller offered to take to shop of choice to test and inspect under carriage.)
- Consumes some fuel, not best mpg, he mentioned 15mpg babying the throttle
- Felt some brake dragging noise, not sure if thats how the WP PRO BBK calipers are.
The rear rotor looked like it did not pass the nail test, unless the rotor is like that.
The front rotor seemed brand new, smooth from center to edge.
- APR on older cars sky rockets when applying for loan.


- Car turns on at first crank, even after been sitting or a week or two, he bought a 370Z 2010 and does not drive the 03 anymore.
- Its the Track edition, car grip extremely well, held its line, LSD locks (its a little loud on engagement), and propels the car forward nice and smooth, very predictable and stable.
- Suspension for been the Track model, not bad at all
- No wobbly, clunking from suspension, car brakes on a straight line, no shimming
- Car comes off boost nice and clean, no hesitation. To the point you would know is boosted by the gauges, intercooler, and when spoolin up.
- The aftermarket exhaust not ricer at all, very deep acceptable db noise. I could have a conversation with a passenger no problem.
- Turbo timer works fine, car does not smoke, he went under boost an I looked the back window, and at idle hot or cold, no smoke
- turbos do NOT whistle, like when it has excessive play and blades scrape against housing
- Car did not overheat

Overall: The AFRs would stay in the 11.5 under full boost, and 14.5 / 15 at idle, but I could not see boost readings as the gauge was bad. Some minor humming noise from clutch, he says its the aftermarket kit, that it is not the slave cylinder. The car has all the typical noises of a "modded" car, which gives character to the car.

The seller is very friend's with the owner of the auto shop, and can work a deal on retuning/dyno before selling, and take to a shop for a complete inspection; ignition timing, compression and vacuum test, etc. bumper to bumper, and of course I will be present.
Car is located about a mile from my house, so I see the vehicle all the time.

I guess the questions would be, is it too much asking price, is the kit reliable the T25s, which he boosted 5 yrs ago and have around 30k on it.

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12k? What I is the millage?
Build engine or stock?
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75,000 miles, second owner
Stock block

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Drove it today, its definitely a 2003 car that its showing its age.
Nothing wrong with that, just the reality of the vehicles condition.
A/C does not blow cold air.
There was some humming noise, sounded like wheel bearings, but its the LSD, they are noisy. The fuel pump is loud as f_k.
The shift light does not work.
The CEL says needs service display does come on during ignition and then goes away, no error codes.
Car idles like a champ, fans kick in, no grinding of gears. Clutch is not bad at all.
UpRev is not programmed in the cruise control handle.

Ok, the one thing that has me worried. We went to this isolated road, slowly went into a stop and the breeze kicked in. I kind of got a sniff of oil burning, but was not sure. I got off the car and a little smoke was coming out, could not distinguish if it was oil burning or water condensation. He said that it could be running rich in fuel, but there is no way, AFRs are in the 15s.

So I went ahead and told him for him to drive it, and I follow him. As we went to his house, turning left, right or coming off a light sometimes a light silly puff would come out, mostly during shift.at low rpms, not all the time.
He said once again the car is running rich, its in good condition, he almost got uncomfortable so I drop the subject.

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what type of diff was it, my quaife was not loud at all

it may not be shimmed in correctly which would make it whine
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was it puffing bluish-white? white? it could be just unburnt fuel, but if it smells like oil it could be something as simple as him overfilling the oil, or as bad as the turbo seals going out.

On an 03 you have to factor in a new trans at some point, you just have to.
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I walked away, too many red flags, stories did not match up. I am not going to buy someone else headaches.
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