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tampa_joey 11-30-2016 09:56 AM

quick clip of drive in my car
just a 3min clip of a nice drive down one of the nicest winding roads in tampa- weather was perfect, just wish traffic wasn't so heavy. (also- a test of what my cheap-o dash cam footage looks like and testing to see if i can load a video here properly - lol...)

dcains 11-30-2016 10:51 AM

I enjoy a nice Bayshore Blvd cruise once in a while, especially early on a Sunday morning. It's also nice at night this time of year because of the Christmas lights.

Can you share some details on the cam you bought, and maybe a few pics of how it looks installed?

tampa_joey 11-30-2016 11:37 AM


Originally Posted by dcains (Post 10838382)
Can you share some details on the cam you bought, and maybe a few pics of how it looks installed?

this one-

i'll write up a review of this particular camera and post some pictures - when i pull the memory card out again (i only uploaded the front view of that drive- there is a synched matching rear view video-but i forgot to up load it on youtube...

tampa_joey 11-30-2016 12:56 PM


Originally Posted by dcains (Post 10838382)
Can you share some details on the cam you bought, and maybe a few pics of how it looks installed?

ok- as promised- got to this sooner because i had to get in the car for a beer run- lol

here are pictures of the temp install---

shot of mirror/camera from my viewpoint in drivers seat

close up of the 'misfit'

showing the wired connections- the USB/power cord is on the left-the rear camera is on the right- and the micro SD card is just to the right of the camera cord

temp wiring routing- showing the power and the rear camera wires

how i have the rear camera temp mounted below the 3rd brake light as seen from drivers seat

so- for 70 dollars or so- not a shabby camera- does what i am asking of it. yeah- fitment of the camera/mirror combo over the rear view mirror leaves a lot to be desired- partly because of the width- but also- the thickness of the factory mirror- fitting the rubber band connectors was a bit tight.

in addition-i wish they had put the micro SD in a different location- like on the side or the bottom- to get to it- gotta twist the camera connector and tilt the mirror way down (part of that i blame of the gorilla fingers i have)

Micro SD card vs my gorilla fingers

here is the rear view camera view captured at the same time....

now- i have the camera set up to save every 3 mins. but this video is 5 mins. long. and right at the 3 min mark -sound cuts off-but keeps filming. (don't know what is up with that)
bouncing around- due to two 10 inch kickers mounted under the strut bar in a zenworks box...
dark picture- due to 5% tint

i really want to make this position of mounting the rear camera work because of the wider view of whats happening behind (i'm not using this for backing up- but for filming the florida drivers-lol)

now admittedly- some of the bouncing can also be blamed on how i mounted the camera back there--just wrapped a lil bit of tape around the camera mount for traction and slid it between the 3rd light plastic housing and rear glass- and that 3rd light housing is pretty loose)

the tint/reflections from inside esp.the strut mount bar- might just matte the chrome part....still pondering things
hence the extremely temp set up ..i am also considering putting the camera outside where the rear window sprayer is mounted.

well- in sumnation- i wish they made a 2 camera system with HD on both cameras that had a black box type recorder so that i could just go back to stock mirror- cuz the combo mirror/camera/storage/connector deal is not ideal- but for the 70 dollars- its making for interesting goofing around.

dcains 11-30-2016 01:49 PM

Thanks for all the details, but I don't want to swap out the self-dimming Homelink mirror I installed in mine a few years ago, so I guess I'll keep looking for a separate cam.

The good news for your install is that all the wiring you need is in the driver's side A-pillar behind the plastic trim. I don't recall the colors of the wires I used, but there is a plug you can tap into, and it has a ground, 12V+ switched, and 12V+ constant.

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