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Forced Induction Turbochargers and Superchargers..Got Boost?

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Name of Shop: AAM (Altered Atmosphere Motorsports)

List your entire build list.:

AAM STG I Twin Kit
- Twin Ball Bearing Garretts (modified GT25-R)
- AAM COMP Manifolds
- Vertical Flow FMIC (retains front impact beam)
- All aluminum fittings and teflon lines
- AAM F/I Flash
- Black 4ply Couplers
AAM Oil Cooler
AAM Oil Pan Spacer
AAM 2.5" True Dual Exhaust
AAM Basic Fuel System w/ Walbro
AAM Angled Plenum Spacer
Deatschwerks 440cc
Competition Forged Flywheel w/ 6 Puck Sprung Clutch
Autometer Nexus Oil Press & EGT

1) Workmanship/ quality of work::: 4.5 There attention to detail is impressive on all mechanical aspects of the build, as you can see in the pics. Heat wrap on everything critical, cleanly routed oil lines, clean welds, large hex bolts holding everything together and onto the firewall, plenty of zip ties. I never thought much of it until I saw other shops using self-tapping screws and little or no heat wrapping. if it weren't for the exhaust issues, I'd give it a 5.

2) Pricing:::: 4.5 Some people have told me I paid too much, but when I shopped around I was getting very similar quotes. Their pricing for full builds like this are perfectly in line with other larger shops, and they did work with me on some discounts on labor and parts when I asked.

3) Condition car was returned vs drop off condition:::: 5 No problems at all. They had it professionally detailed, even though I dropped it off very dirty and unwashed. No dents, scratches, or anything else that wasn't already there.

4) Customer service:::: 5 For the few issues I've had, they are always quick to set up an impromptu appointment to get them fixed. Pretty much 'so when can you be here' and the issues were corrected while I waited. They also towed the car both directions once even though the car was perfectly drivable. My schedule just wasn't working out well with work and they accommodated in every way they could and I haven't paid a single dime there since pickup.

5) Honesty:::: 5 No issues here.

6) Willing to stand behind work::: 5 see above, they quickly addressed any issues I had without question and lots of apologies. I was never asked to open my wallet again under any circumstance.

7) Would you use this shop again::: 5 Yes

8) Would you recommend this shop to a friend::: 5 Yes

9) What do you think of their overall knowledge of this platform::: 5 Very, very knowledgeable. Between Clint, Mike, and a few of their senior techs, I think anything is possible there. Clint can talk your ear off for hours if you want him to LOL.

10) Do they have a professional looking shop.:::: 5 There is no denying the fact that AAM has one of the largest, most well equipped shops around. This was a huge factor in my decision to take my car there.

11) Was the final price on your invoice the same as agreed::: 4.5 The only 'unexpected' cost was powder coating of the charge pipes. I wasn't aware that this wasn't included in the kit price initially. I ended up opting out of powder coating so the price didn't end up changing.

12) Was your car completed on the date promised:::: 5 Originally I thought my 6-week wait was excessive since I was originally promised 4 weeks. Then I read up that other shops are taking many many months sometimes over a year to do builds. Hand building and installing a completely custom kit in under 6 weeks? No complaints here.

13) Did you have any issues with your car after delivery..big or small::::: 4.5 There were a few issues (nothing is perfect, right?).

1. Exhaust fitment was not very good. I ended up taking it back twice and they even replaced half of it on the 2nd visit. In the end it still rattled a bit so I paid a local muffler shop to redo some of the piping near the rear sways and now it's fine. I don't fault AAM; they were perfectly willing to make everything right, but I didn't want to drive so far each time and would rather just have a local shop 'take ownership' of the problem.

The 2nd issue was a small wiring snafu I discovered that they quickly corrected. I would also note that it wasn't causing any issues with drivability; I am just a nit picker when it comes to electrical work being an ex-installer.

Third issue was a slight utec transition that popped up every now and then, and some throttle body codes accompanied with a limp mode startup. They replaced the UTEC no questions asked (which fixed the codes and startup issues) and did some street tuning with me in the car until I was satisfied.


Ok it's been nearly 9 months and 8000 miles since I first took delivery. It has seen half a dozen track days (drag), and at least a dozen back roads runs, and a couple long trips. Never once has there been any hint of problems: smoking, rattling, noises, smells, leaks, hesitation -- none of it. The damn thing fires up every time like stock regardless of temperature, never a single startup issue except an occasional UTEC-induced limp mode which was remedied by swapping it out.

On that note, Mike is very knowledgeable with the UTEC. On one of my visits he had me drive him around while he made some final changes in the tune in the passenger seat to ease the transition. It is extremely smooth and drivable going in and out of boost, and as you can see on the dyno charts the tune is no joke.

I had the entire car inspected by Infiniti of Annapolis in July, and their master tech commented on the quality of work -- he mentioned it was one of the cleanest installs he's seen come though there and could find zero issues with anything. My check engine light is still off (keeping crossing fingers LOL) so I'm hoping to sneak through emissions soon as well.

I have had two Blackstone oil reports ran (my two changes so far) and the results are perfect. There is no more visible wear than a typical NA engine. FYI, mobile1 turbo truck diesel FTW .

Overall, I'm very confident in this build and still love driving it. Going back, I don't think I would change anything out but the exhaust. Looking forward to many years of fun.

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Name of Shop:::: AAM Dec 2005

List your entire build list.::::UTEC/Clutch Install/Tune

1) Workmanship/ quality of work:::: 2
2) Pricing:::: 3
3) Condition car was returned vs drop off condition:::: 5
4) Customer service:::: 4
5) Honesty:::: 4
6) Willing to stand behind work::: 0
7) Would you use this shop again::: 0
8) Would you recommend this shop to a friend::: 0
9) What do you think of their overall knowledge of this platform::: 5
10) Do they have a professional looking shop.:::: 3
11) Was the final price on your invoice the same as agreed::: 5
12) Was your car completed on the date promised:::: 3
13) Did you have any issues with your car after delivery..big or small::::: 1


I brought my car to AAM for install of a UTEC and a 2005. I had just had an ATS twin carbon clutch installed and was having issues with the clutch. I figured that when I reached AAM I would have them look at the clutch.

Upon arriving at AAM they took my car and I explained the clutch situation to them. They took my car in and installed the UTEC and did something with the oil return line from the Turbonetics turbo. I don't rememebr why. The line was no longer going downhill into the pan. It went below the pan return point and then came back up. I asked them to re-route the oil return line so that it went all downhill to the pan. They didn't.

They put the car on the dyno without looking at the clutch and tuned the car. The car was blowing large amounts of smoke out of the exhaust while it was being tuned. I mentioned it to them and they said it was just extra fuel and they would lean the fuel out and when they were done there would be no more smoke. It turns out they neve re-routed the oil return line and the turbo seal failed. They finally did re-route it but the seal never re-sealed. I had to replace the turbo.

I asked why they put the car on the dyno and started tuning it without inspecting the clutch. They said the clutch appeared fine. I took the car for a drive and the clutch was still acting weird. They pulled the tranny and found that one of the carbon clutch plates was cracked. A replacement clutch plate would have taken days to have shipped from Japan so the only way to remedy the situation was to buy another clutch. So I purchased another ATS carbon twin and had them install it. The car went into safe mode 3 times when driving home due to detonation from an overly lean tune. I had to bring the car to CP Racing where Sharif was tuning at the time for a re-tune.

The motor blew about a year later after I bounced off the rev limiter. I had snapped a connecting rod. I took the car to Sharif at his new shop Forged Performance and had him build me a new motor. When he tuned the car he asked me if I asked Mike @ AAM to raise my rev limit to 7300RPM on the UTEC and I said no. Mike had raised the rev limit on my OEM motor without my request and without asking me. It looks like this was what was responsible for breaking the connecting rod. I was only tuned for 410 WHP when the motor blew.

The car never should have been tuned with a cracked clutch disc, or a smoking turbo. The rev limiter should never have been raised to 7300 RPM and the oil return line should have been routed correctly like I had requested. The injector duty cycle was at 103% when I had asked for a tune to a max of 90% IDC. It was all a waste of time which cost me alot more money in the end than I ever could have imagined. I got a blown turbo, a blown up motor and a worthless tune of which I drove 1500mi to get.
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Forged Performance - Marietta, GA

List your entire build list.::::
GTM Stage 3 twin turbo kit, HKS FCon, OEM motor and now built short block.

1) Workmanship/ quality of work: 1
2) Pricing:::: 1
3) Condition car was returned vs drop off condition:::: 1
4) Customer service:::: 1
5) Honesty:::: 1
6) Willing to stand behind work::: 1
7) Would you use this shop again::: NO
8) Would you recommend this shop to a friend::: NO
9) What do you think of their overall knowledge of this platform::: 2
10) Do they have a professional looking shop.:::: YES
11) Was the final price on your invoice the same as agreed::: NO
12) Was your car completed on the date promised:::: NO
13) Did you have any issues with your car after delivery..big or small::::: YES


My name is Juan and I have seen the recent threads on certain forums about my motor. I have tried to move past this incident, but knowing that Sharif is using my bad experience to promote his shop makes me want to tell the world about what I went through with Forged Performance. I have tried to tell my story before but I was bashed off of the forums because I couldn’t write well enough to explain my experience. English is not my first language – so to keep from having a repeat experience, I have had someone help me edit this thread. To help keep it simple, I will explain using bullet points. All of these are facts. No lies or stretching of the truth.

Back story:

• I took my new G37 to Forged Performance for install of the GTM Stage 3 turbo kit.
• My stock motor blew while Sharif was tuning it on the dyno.
• Sharif told me that 500whp was safe and that the stock motor would hold. His advice is what I took when making decisions for this build.
• The stock motor did not hold and Sharif blamed it on bad rods from the factory or damage caused by a previous owner.
• The car had 1500 miles on it when the motor blew. There was no previous owner and no prior work performed.
• I was made to pay for parts for a new short block. I never wanted a built block. I wanted the safe 500whp promised on my stock motor.
• I did take my car from the shop while having a balance, but it was only because there was no work done on the car for months. Sharif kept promising work, but none was ever done. I admit it was not the best strategy, but there was no theft involved. The keys were given to me by a Forged Performance employee.
• I posted an “apology” thread so that Sharif would finish the work promised. Posting that thread was not my idea.
• After another month of Sharif not being able to get the car to run properly, he shipped the car to Sam @ GTM so that Sam could diagnose the problem. The car was supposed to be fixed and shipped back to Sharif for finalization. I chose to leave it with Sam for all final repairs.

Damage done to the car while at Forged Performance:

• Wiring harness was damaged and ground to VVEL left off. This is why Sharif could not get the car to run properly.
• The car was backed into a lift damaging the rear bumper and tail light. Sharif wanted to replace this with parts from a junk yard.
• Shift **** was removed using pliers and damaged beyond repair.
• Holes were drilled through my VIN plate on the firewall when mounting the fuel pump regulator.
• Chassis was cut to make GTM turbo kit fit. This was not needed. The kit was installed improperly.
• Plastics were cut to make the turbo kit fit. More unnecessary modification due to improper install of turbo kit.
• Intercooler piping was cut to make it fit (again unneeded) and left metal shavings inside.
• Intercooler piping crushed to make room for an oil return line.

Cost to me:

• Nearly a year without my car and over ten thousand dollars in additional expenses repairing the damage Forged Performance caused. Sharif did pay for part of the GTM bill.

Once more for clarification, English is not my first language, so I have had help formatting this post. But all things said are 100% true and factual. Pictures have been included so that you can see the state my car was in when it arrived at GTM and after Forged Performance could not diagnose the car’s inability to run properly. Because I have a hard time writing in English and have a family to take care of, I will not be reading or responding to this thread. I just wanted to let my Forged Performance experience be known. I am sure Sharif will defend and deny. It is his right. I will let the post and pictures speak for themselves. Thank you for taking the time to read my story.

Damage to rear brake light.

Bolt left loose.

Bracket left unsecured.

Power steering lines hitting intercooler piping.

Thin wire cutting into oil return line.

Wrong piece of intercooler piping used. Bracket cut off instead of using correct piece of piping.

Plastic undertray cut to fit piping. Plastics left loose and unsecured.

Sub-frame cut to clearance piping.

Piping crushed to clearance oil return line.

Intake and intercooler piping zip tied together. Debris on intake filter and connection.

More of same zip tied piping and debris.

Reason for debris on intake. Tire was rubbing intake due to improper installation of kit.

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Default Jtran Studio

Jtran Studio Houston, TX

List your entire build list.::::

-Greddy twin turbo tuner kit
-Greddy Ti-C exhaust
-ACT clutch
-Turbo xs UTEC
-Reflashed stock ecu
-RC 750cc injectors
-Walboro fuel pump
-Blitz turbo timer
**On the way in the next 3 weeks
-Triple defi guages with defi link
-Greddy BOV

1) Workmanship/ quality of work:::4.5
2) Pricing::::5
3) Condition car was returned vs drop off condition:::: 4.5
4) Customer service:::: 5
5) Honesty:::: 5
6) Willing to stand behind work::: 5
7) Would you use this shop again::: 5
8) Would you recommend this shop to a friend::: 5
9) What do you think of their overall knowledge of this platform::: 5
10) Do they have a professional looking shop.::::5
11) Was the final price on your invoice the same as agreed::: 5
12) Was your car completed on the date promised:::: 4
13) Did you have any issues with your car after delivery..big or small::::: No


First off I want to say that Jtran Studio is a great place, I love it. Johnny and Amber and the entire staff there is great. Great to talk to, customer service is second to none, and very friendly.

The price for parts was some of the lowest I've seen offered and for the quality of work and amount of customer service they provided I believe I came out on top. I would recommend Jtran to anyone, and I plan on going to them for all my future needs. I had never heard of them until I started searching and came across their shop in a few threads on here. I saw that everyone that used them pretty much said they were a great shop and would recommend them to anyone. So one day I stopped by and toured the shop and met the employees there and I knew they were legit and it's where I wanted to take my Z.

I have a stock motor running 6psi and I put down 369hp and 338fl/lbs torque on a mustang dyno. I put about 600miles on it the first week I had it, then I had to drive 750mi from TX to AL for training. They car performed perfectly without any problems what so ever, and its still running great.

If you have any questions feel free to PM me
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Name of Shop: UPREV

List your entire build list.:
Vortech V3 SC Kit
600cc injectors
255lph fuel pump
oil cooler
oil catch can
test pipes etc, basically, all the usual stuff...

1) Workmanship/ quality of work: 5
2) Pricing: 5- Fair, upfront and 100% accurate as quoted
3) Condition car was returned vs drop off condition: 5
4) Customer service: 5- Excellent communication before, during and after the install
5) Honesty: 5
6) Willing to stand behind work:5
7) Would you use this shop again: 5-Absolutely
8) Would you recommend this shop to a friend: 5-Absolutely, I recommend them to everyone that is looking for a shop/tune/install
9) What do you think of their overall knowledge of this platform:5
10) Do they have a professional looking shop.: 4, all the right equipment, a little messy. Then again, I am a neat freak, so it's probably just me
11) Was the final price on your invoice the same as agreed: 5, to the penny
12) Was your car completed on the date promised: 5
13) Did you have any issues with your car after delivery..big or small: None, runs like it was factory built with FI

Many thanks to Jared and Rich for all their hard work. The car makes me smile every time I get in it!
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Name of Shop:::: Function:Tuned

List your entire build list.::::
- Greddy TT Kit
- APS 3inch Exhaust
- AAM 3inch Downpipes with open Dumps
- Greddy Oil Pan
- ARC Oil Catch Can
- UTEC Tuned by Function:Tuned
- Function:Tuned stage .5 Fuel Return System
- DW 600cc Injectors
- Walboro 255 FP
- Carbonetics Twin Disc Clutch
- Carbonetics LSD
- Nismo 19 wheels
- Cusco Sway Bars
- Cusco Front Camber Arms/ SBC Rear Camber Arms
- Wilwood Street Brake Kit (6pt Front/ 4pt Rear)
- Bilstein PSS9 Coilover Kit – The “GF Aprroved” Suspension!!
- Custom Mounted Defi Blue Racer Gauges (EGT, Boost, Oil Pressure)
- Custom K Bar Harness Install

Power Numbers – 389WHP/369WTQ DD @ 9 PSI

1) Workmanship/ quality of work 5
2) Pricing:::: 5
3) Condition car was returned vs drop off condition:::: 5
4) Customer service:::: 5
5) Honesty:::: 5
6) Willing to stand behind work::: 5
7) Would you use this shop again::: Yes
8) Would you recommend this shop to a friend::: Yes
9) What do you think of their overall knowledge of this platform::: Outstanding
10) Do they have a professional looking shop.:::: Yes
11) Was the final price on your invoice the same as agreed::: Yes
12) Was your car completed on the date promised:::: Yes
13) Did you have any issues with your car after delivery..big or small::::: Yes - Small :1. Had a small kink in the Oil Catch Can line, replaced it with a steel braided line to give it some bling and zero problems. 2. Waited to order the HKS Turbo Timer Type 1 when it finally was released I ordered it. However, the HKS EVC Type 0 was installed in the car. Probably the only issue I have that I am not happy with because everything else in the car is Blue and that damn Type 0 is Red. Specifically this is such a small issue I havent bothered getting it switched out because I love my car and it is more than what I ever thought it would turn out to be.

Big shout out to Dave and all the crew over at Function:Tuned. Before I had him touch it I had laced my car with a ton of aftermarket N/A parts and it just wasn't performing like it should have and I went F/I hella fast due to the professionalism and quality of work that those guys had over there. I developed a list of parts specifically to get my car to be setup for Drift and Dave went over all the parts with me prior to ensure it was what would be best to fit my needs. I think I was at his shop almost everyday for over a month learning about others cars and what they had done to them and taking note of what to do after the car was built about care and upkeep. Therefore this has resulted in a year a half of drifting on the track and off the track and driving to and from events and meets and work with zero issues. Car is as strong as ever. A plus is my car does not suffer from the UTEC curse that most UTEC users have. There isnt a hesitation and never has been from the UTEC taking over from the Factory.

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List your entire build list.
-Stage 2 Twin Turbo kit
-GTM Intercooler
-Garrett's GT28RS
-steel braided oil and coolant Supply & Return lines
-TiAL 50mm Blow-off Valve
-Tial 38mm external Wastegate
-Earl's Oil cooler, Earl's Transmission cooler
-TransGo Valve Body

1) Workmanship/ quality of work 5
2) Pricing5
3) Condition car was returned vs drop off condition5 This one isn't kinda of a non applicable b/c I didn't receive it back from FT but from D&V and it was detailed... much better than what it was dropped off as. So having to award points it'll be a 5
4) Customer service5 Alway had time to explain what was up to this newbie. Was kept in the loop and didn't mind me hanging out everyday watching the install
5) Honesty5
6) Willing to stand behind workYezzir, I've taken m ride to Dave before and haven't had any issues. I'm expecting the same with this project as well
7) Would you use this shop againYup
8) Would you recommend this shop to a friendYes
9) What do you think of their overall knowledge of this platformExcellent
10) Do they have a professional looking shop.Haven't been to any other tuner/installer shops before so I don't have a wide base to compare it to. Looked fine to me
11) Was the final price on your invoice the same as agreed No it was a few hundred more but in the thread you can see where the extra work was needed requiring more time. Was fully explained why it went over the quoted price.
12) Was your car completed on the date promisedDave's portion was completed at the quoted time. It was very close to being almost a week ahead of schedule but required the extra work in the thread and then cosmetic work out of his shop.
13) Did you have any issues with your car after delivery..big or small Yeah, GF is complaining of TPO (test pipe odor

Comments: Here is my build TT install thread
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09 G37S Sedan 6MT
GTM Stage II Twin Turbo Kit, with 3" Downpipes and External Gages
GTM 3" Exhaust
OS-G Clutch & Flywheel
Hotchis Swaybars
KW V3 Coilovers
HKS Camp 2
Volk RE30

1) Workmanship/ quality of work:::1
2) Pricing::::3
3) Condition car was returned vs drop off condition:::: 1
4) Customer service:::: 3
5) Honesty:::: 1
6) Willing to stand behind work::: 5
7) Would you use this shop again::: 1
8) Would you recommend this shop to a friend::: 1
9) What do you think of their overall knowledge of this platform::: 5
10) Do they have a professional looking shop.::::4
11) Was the final price on your invoice the same as agreed::: 5
12) Was your car completed on the date promised:::: 2
13) Did you have any issues with your car after delivery..big or small::::: OH YES

I want to share my own personal experience with Forged Performance. I am reporting Forged Performance to the Georgia Governor’s Office of Consumer Affairs, and I hope that by posting my experience here, that anyone else who has had a similar experience, you will also alert the Office of Consumer Affairs so that a full government investigation will occur. This is lengthy, so please bear with me, but there is a lot to this, and it is time that it comes out into the open. I personally have no prior relationship with Sharif before this situation. Like most of you, I found Sharif to be a likeable guy who made me feel like a fried. However, I've been thoroughly disappointed with Sharif and Forged Performance. I am putting this out in the open so the public can make informed decisions before hiring a shop to perform work on their cars, and so that others may have the courage to speak out. I just don’t want others to be harmed as I was.

Before the guts, here is a brief summary of where things stand today. Some of this will make more sense after you read the whole thing. I have hired a very prominent attorney in the Atlanta, GA area to represent me. Her specialty is the 1st Amendment (Freedom of Speech) which is important as you shall see. When she first contacted Sharif, he did exactly what I had suspected: Sharif immediately threatened to file a frivolous lawsuit against me for this posting. Later after he himself hired an attorney, his attorney also made it clear to mine that Sharif would sue and that any hope of settling things would require my silence to protect his reputation. If a shop messes up, they have the chance to make things right and get back some respect/reputation, but if they sue people for telling what happened to them, in my opinion, there is no coming back from that. I think that this shows what the place is really about. Before hiring his attorney, Sharif emailed my attorney and even had the nerve to say I had committed fraud. My first course of action was I filed a dispute with my Credit Card Company since I had not gotten what I had paid for and due to all of the damage done. After 7 weeks, the Credit Card Company decided not to refund my money because I had not returned my car to Forged Performance and given them an opportunity to fix my car, even though there was no contract requiring me to return the car to them. As you will see, based on the serious damage Forged Performance did to my car, there was no way I was taking my car back there. Sharif told my attorney that I had filed the dispute saying I didn't recognize the charges so I was committing fraud! I can't think of any reason he would say that, and to my attorney of all people. I even have a copy of the letter Sharif sent my Credit Card Company where he is clearly defending his business and saying he was wanting me to bring my car back to him so he could fix it. In that letter, he told them that he was never made aware of anything until after I had sent my car to another mechanic, and that is why he should not be responsible at this time. As you read below, you will see that this is clearly not the case. I had brought up issues as soon as 2 months before I picked up my car, while at the shop, and even on the drive home.

As of 4/13/2010, Sharif has been sent a demand letter giving him 30 days to settle with us, or a lawsuit will be filed against him for Fraud/Deceptive Trade Practices. I believe, for reasons detailed below, that Sharif intentionally misrepresented the type of turbos that were installed on my car. I suspect that his motives may have been that he knew I was out of state, and thought that I would never be able to afford to hire a lawyer in Georgia, which is over 500 miles away from where I live, to sue him. I also feel that he thought he could get by without me ever knowing that he had installed the wrong turbos on my car.

Also on 4/13/2010, Sharif indicated to me that he would be more willing to settle things if I was to keep quiet on the forums, and even post something stating that we had come to an agreement so hopefully the posting would stop.

And now for what happened:

Around March of 2009, I contacted Sharif with Forged about putting the GTM Twin Turbo kit on my brand new 09 G37S Sedan. According to their web site, they "Specialize" in the Infiniti G37 (VQ37HR). We spoke several times and I really felt good about what he had to say. Sharif is definitely a good talker and salesman. We had agreed on the Stage-II Turbo for my car, 3" Downpipes, External Gates, clutch/flywheel, etc. I went ahead and put a deposit down with Forged for $12000 to cover the majority of the parts. I drove my car to his shop towards the end of April and then flew back to St. Louis, MO. The project was supposed to take 6 to 8 weeks. The only thing that bothered me initially was that I wanted to order the kit myself and bring it with me to his shop. This would have saved me from paying Sales Tax on $8500 which is a pretty good chunk of change. Sharif convinced me to just let him take care of it. Because I had grown to trust him, I just let it go. There will be more on this later.

Over the next couple of months, Forged installed the kit, and then ran into a snag that was not their fault. Nissan changed the ECU for the 09 Sedan so that the Uprev Software could not program them like they could the 08 G37 Coupe. So, now began the waiting. Sharif had to wait on Sam to get him the ECU Flash, Sam had to wait on the Uprev folks to crack the new ECUs and update their software, etc. etc. I don't blame the next 3 months on ECU....stuff happens.

During this time, I referred a friend of mine named Dave to Sharif to have the TT kit put on his 08 G37 Coupe. He is DmfG37sTT on His car went down there and was having pretty much the same stuff put on his car.

September is when things start going downhill. Sharif posted something on the forums about Dave's car and mentioned he had the Stage III kit. Dave saw this and got excited and sent me a text about it. This made sense to me since Dave was considering having his motor built later to handle more boost, so why not put the bigger turbos on it. I had been in touch with Sam at GTM about getting a 3" exhaust made for my car. No one was making one yet for the G37 Sedan. I called him that same day to ask about the progress on the exhaust. Just being chatty, I said something to Sam about David's car having the Stage III kit....Sam told me that Sharif had made a typo and that he was getting the Stage I. I guess Sharif had already been made aware of this and had modified his post. I then said to Sam, "I thought Dave was getting the Stage II kit like me". Sam then told me that both of us were getting the Stage I kit. I told him that I had ordered and paid for the Stage II. Sam did some digging and called me back. He told me that Sharif had indeed ordered the Stage I kits for both of our cars. He was looking at the Purchase Orders right in front of him. I then called Sharif and asked him what was going on. He assured me that our cars had the Stage II kits and that there was just some confusion with the part numbers. He said that they were confusing. He was going to call Sam and call me back. Needless to say, this started a bunch of phone calls between Dave, Sam, Sharif and I. Sam told me that he indeed confirmed to Sharif that a Stage I was ordered, and that what was shipped. Sharif told him as well that he had received Stage II Turbos. I could see Sam making a mistake once, but making the same mistake 2 months apart and shipping the wrong Turbos? Sam then told Sharif that if he had indeed received the Stage II kits, he owed GTM more money since they only charged him for the Stage I kits. Sharif said no. Sharif then continues to tell me that both Dave and I had the Stage II kits and again that the part numbers were confusing. The Stage I kit ends in "TT01" and the Stage II kit ends in "TT02". Is that confusing???

While my car was pretty much put back together, Dave's motor was out of his car. There is a stamp on the housing that says what AR the housing is. We should have had a ".86" AR and not the ".64". It is next to impossible to see this with everything installed like on my car. Since Dave's motor was out, Dave asked Sharif to go take a picture of the correct Turbos on his motor. Three days later Sharif provided the pictures Dave asked for and they showed the Stage II Turbos on his car. When clients are questioning you about what you put on their car, basically questioning your integrity, would you take 3 days to take a simple picture?

Sharif kept assuring me I had the correct turbos. It was very important that I had the correct turbos because the smaller turbo housings can lead to over boosting on the VQ37VHR motor. According to Sam, and even Sharif, the .64AR housing are too small for that motor. If that were to happen, damage could be done to my motor.
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After speaking with Sam, I realized that it would have cost me less money to send my car to GTM. Also, my car would have had a specific tune for it which would likely yield more power from the kit. Even factoring in the cost of shipping my car to and from GTM, I would have paid less for more a better tune. To elaborate on this, GTM provides two different turbo kits:

1) One is a “Turn Key” kit that includes all the parts and the tune (ECU Flash). This tune is a general tune that will be safe for the car. This kit includes the fuel pump and injectors, but does not include the down pipes or external waste gates. The full retail price of this kit is $8495.
2) The other is a “Tuner” kit that does not include the tune (ECU Flash). It includes the down pipes and external waste gates, but does not include the fuel pump or injectors. The full retail price of this kit is $7995.

If you send your car to GTM, you would get the “Tuner” kit and purchase the fuel pump and injectors. The full retail price of this is $8694. If you send your car somewhere else, or do it yourself, you would get the “Turn-Key” kit and purchase the down pipes and the external gates. The full retail price of this is $9595. Right off the bat there is a $901 savings. If GTM does the turbo kit, they will then put your car on their dyno and custom tune it. Even charging an amount for this, the cost would still be less and you have a custom tune which should yield better results. On top of that, where Sharif charges the full retail price for the turbo kit, down pipes, etc, GTM usually provides discounts, as you would expect, when you purchase in quantity. I have evidence of this from another customer of GTM. Then after removing the sales tax, I feel I would have spent a significant less amount of money, and had a better performing car, not to mention all of the problems noted here.

Sharif touts how he is capable of tuning the VQ37VHR motors. He told me several times on the phone that if he had to, he could tune the car. He also told me that he could get more power out of the motor if he tuned it. While I was in Georgia picking up my car, Sharif even told me that he wants to get himself and other in their shop training from Uprev to be able to tune the VQ37VHR motors. I can't think of a reason that he would need this training since he kept telling me how good he was at tuning them.

To add to this, Forged charged me $565 more than GTM's Internet (Retail) price for the down pies and external wastegates. When I picked up my car I brought this to Sharif's attention. He took the difference off my bill, but he made it sound like he was losing money. He told me that he paid more for the kit than $1100 retail price. It was hard for me to keep calm with him looking me in the eye telling me this. A simple mistake may have been made, but why can't he say that instead of telling me that now I'm paying him less than what GTM charged him? I have the purchase order from Forged to GTM showing exactly what he ordered and how much Forged paid GTM for the parts. The purchase order showed Forged ordering the Stage 1 turbo kit, and it showed that Forged paid below the internet/retail price for all of the items from GTM. This all leads into why I feel he didn't want me ordering the parts and bringing them with me....he gets the parts at a discount and makes a profit off of basically I had to pay the Sales Tax, and full Internet pricing so he could make more money. I would have saved a bunch ordering all of it myself (no tax and some discounted pricing), and even more sending it to GTM...even with having to ship the car.

Sharif kept assuring me that my car was ready to go, all they had to do was get the ECU Flash. Once he finally got the flash (I believe this was around 2nd week of October), then more came up.

1) First my car wouldn't run for more than a couple of seconds. After 2 days of switching out injectors, trying this, trying that, they found the fuel was bad. Sharif says they had to wait on a modification to the fuel pump assembly so they left my fuel pump out leaving the gas tank exposed. Why was it left exposed?

2) Forged Performance then found an exhaust leek and that my Camp 2 was not hooked up to the Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT) sensor. This cost some more time.

3) My car has the All-wheel steering and Sharif found that my car wouldn't drive straight...the rear wheels were steering the car wrong. Again, several days of delays, and finally the Nissan dealer there reset some things and all was good. This is to be expected I guess when disconnecting the Steering Coupler...although I will say that when I installed my HFCs, I disconnected it and didn't have any issues.

I know of no reason all of these things couldn't have been addressed before they received the ECU Flash. The factory fuel pump could have been put in and the car could have been started and driven lightly. I had even asked Sharif to do this, but he said it wasn't necessary. It was about 4 weeks after they got my Tune that I was able to pick up my car. The car I had been driving was a lease and had to go back at the end of October. Sharif did pay for me to drive a rental for the remaining 3 to 4 weeks before my car was ready.

Another thing that came up was Sharif asked me if I knew what a wire/sensor was for that was hanging behind my Navigation Screen / Radio. He sent me pictures of it. I did not know what it was. Sharif kept alluding to maybe I had dislodged it when I put in the KP Technology modules in my car. First of all, I didn't appreciate that. I then sent him pictures of my install that clearly showed this wire/sensor was not there. What stinks is that I kept asking him to take it to a dealer and find out what it is. I felt like he kept blowing me off and he didn't think it was important. I'm sorry, but this is my new $40000 car that I have barely had a chance to drive, it is important to me. I don't even think my car had 5000 miles on it when I dropped it off, including the drive to Georgia.

One thing I didn't realize at first was that I would be losing my window washers. This is prudent living in Missouri where we get a decent amount of ice and snow. In my opinion, a shop should mention something like this ahead of time, especially when it involves a safety issue. I only became aware of this when Sharif sent me pictures of my car with the blow-off valves and intercooler piping mounted. The factory location for the washer reservoir was completely consumed by the piping and such. I mentioned this several times to Sharif, and he knew very well that this car is my daily driver, yet he never would even respond about it for a long time, let alone do anything about it. Again, shouldn't a shop like this be able to do something about this? Despite my concerns, I again felt as if Sharif was just blowing me off. The bottom line is, nothing was ever done about it. Why when I asked Sam at GTM about it does he simply tell me, we can make one work? Sam told me there is a company called Denso that makes a kit that will plug directly into the factory wiring harness and can be mounted somewhere else in the engine bay or hidden away somewhere. The installed cost of the kit would less than $100.

Another item of interest is the HKS EVC Boost Controller. When all this started, Sharif explained to me how this could be used to vary the boost based on Engine RPM or vehicle Speed. This seemed like a really good feature to me. David got his car back several weeks before me and I went to check it out. I looked at his manual for the EVC and it mentioned a Scramble feature that could be enabled and the best way to do this is with an external switch. I called and asked Sharif about this. Although not wrong, I feel that when you are paying someone to install something in your car, they should go over the possible features of it and not make assumptions. If not actually installing the switch, at least install the harness that came with the EVC and run the wires somewhere easy to get to. Same goes for the harness for Easy Writer Software...this is an optional harness, but again, I was never even told about this. Sharif agreed to get the Easy Writer harness and install it along with the harness for the Scramble switch. While talking about it, I asked him again about whether it was wired up for RPM and Vehicle Speed. He now tells me no...They normally never do this because most customers don't want this feature. I did want this, as we had already spoken about it, and again, why make those assumptions? He agreed to hook them up. Just a couple of days before my flight to Georgia, Sharif tells me that they hooked up the RPM wire, but they couldn't figure out how to hook up the wire for the vehicle speed. WHAT????
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And still another item. A few weeks before picking up my car, Sharif and I started talking about the HKS AFK. It is both an Air/Fuel Monitor, and a knock detection system. I decided I wanted one and Sharif had one in stock, so that was added to my list. I was doing reading on the system, and read that it needs to be calibrated using headphones and having the car on a dyno. I asked Sharif about this and he said that it wasn't necessary and they did not do that for my car...the default settings would be fine he told me. I contacted HKS Technical Support and they said that it is ABSOLUTELY necessary to be calibrated and were surprised that a Pro shop like Forged would not be doing this. I'll touch on this more later, but I find out later from GTM that Forged didn't even hook up the Knock Amp portion of the AFK...I basically had a really expensive A/F Meter. The Knock Amp is important because engine knock can be devastating to a motor. Combining the fact that my car was over boosting, and I couldn’t even tell if it was knocking at all, I am really worried whether any damage has been done to my motor.

And still another item. It seems to me that pretty much everyone who goes FI gets dyno runs and sheets with their numbers. Usually at wastegate pressure (Boost Controller Off), and with higher boost using a boost controller. All I ever got was a phone call telling me it was making something like 498 at almost 8 psi. I asked what it did at 6 psi which is supposed to be the wastegate pressure. Sharif then tells me that this was with the EVC (Boost Controller) off so that this was the wastegate pressure. I asked him why it was so high, and he told me I must have a really efficient Intercooler. I didn't buy this. I have the same setup as all the other G37s and they all run at 6 psi...even David’s car does. From that day until the day I picked it up, I kept asking about this and all Sharif would say is that maybe I have the wrong springs. He sent some springs home with me so I could change them out if I wanted!!! For those of you who are really Turbo may have figured out by now why my car is pushing too much boost. Sam has confirmed that too small of a turbo housing on those motors can lead to over boosting. I find it hard to believe that someone of Sharif's status didn't know this.

Another item deals with the CAMP 2 being displayed on my navigation screen. I had already done half of what was required for them when I installed the KP Technology navigation bypass module. This allows me to type on the navigation screen while the car is moving. I told them how this worked. Sharif tells me he can't get the CAMP to display while driving the car. After him telling me this for a few days, I spent 3 minutes on the internet and found that a wire needed to be cut so that the Auxiliary inputs would work when the emergency brake is off. I then told them how to do this. Shouldn't a shop like Forged know this? Or at least know how to look this up? for the day I pick the car up....yes, there is a lot more to this story.....

Sharif picks me and a friend of mine up at the airport and takes us to breakfast and then to the shop. My car is sitting outside and AT FIRST GLANCE, it looks awesome.

UNFORTUNATELY, it took very little time for me to notice that something had backed into or hit my driver's side rear quarter panel...very obvious....scratched...dented...etc. I also quickly noticed that the top of the front bumper above the headlights was not even attached on either side. I popped the hood and found that the 2 curved white brackets that sit under it were not even there.

With the hood popped, I also noticed that my top engine cover was missing.
I was really would think that after having my car for 7 months, me flying in from another state, Sharif would have done a better job looking my car over. I just don't see how he could have missed the damage done to my car if he was looking at it closely as you would expect him to after a project like this. He got an estimate from Hong's Body shop which is close to Forged. He told me to get an estimate once I got back home and he would take care of it. The funny thing is, I did get one from an Infiniti Body shop, and Sharif then questioned me about it being higher. I'm sorry....I'm getting my car fixed at a dealership's body shop...not Hongs.....and according to the body shop I went to, labor rates are higher here than around Atlanta. He asked me to get more estimates.

While still at the shop, I also noticed that the cover under the engine was not installed.

I had sent Sharif a detailed list well in advance of my trip of things to make sure of....factory parts present, etc....I was told the list had been gone through and that everything was addressed. When I got there...that was clearly not the case. Only one of my factory Exhaust manifolds was there, the window washer reservoir as missing, my Fast Intentions High Flow Cats (which I had already sold) were missing, my factory clutch and flywheel were missing, factory fuel pump was missing. All of these items were found before I left, but the point is that they should have been ready to go. They had not went through and addressed my list as they told me they had.....all of these items were on the list.

When taking the car on a test drive, I commented on how quickly the turbos were spooling up...Sharif told me this was normal....I found out later...this is not the case. Sam also has David’s car and says that the difference is very noticeable between the 2 cars. I also complained about the smell of exhaust....again, Sharif said this was normal. Sorry, when you are idling, the dumps should be closed. Common sense would tell you that there is no reason for exhaust fumes to be coming in the car. When speaking with Sam on the phone after I got the car home, he agreed that I should not be smelling the exhaust like that. Basically, I don't feel like he took anything I said seriously.....from the mysterious wire/sensor, to the AFK calibration, to the EVC Speed hook up, smell of exhaust, fast spooling, over boosting, etc....nothing....everything was ok in Sharif's eyes.

While at Forged, I again asked Sharif about the Stage II turbos being on my car, and he again assured me that the Stage II turbos were are on my car, and not to worry about it.

Another thing that struck me as odd was I asked Sharif to put my car on the lift so I could take a look under the car. He told me no, that he was too busy. Does this seem OK to any of you? He had my car 7 months, I spent 25k, and I wanted to take a look under the car. I can't believe he said no. He was so busy though that when some dude drove his GTR there, and then decided while he was there that he wanted an anti-freeze flush/fill (he didn't have an appointment), of course Sharif put his car in a bay and on the lift. I think I know why he didn't want me under the car, but I will let you guys decide on that.

On the drive home, I was really noticing the smell of exhaust. I spoke with Sharif on the phone while on the road, and again he told me this was normal...said that since I don’t have any CATs, I'm simply noticing a smell the CATS used to remove from the exhaust. Why would the fumes that dump out the rear of the car, while traveling 70+ mph on the highway have any chance of getting into the car where I could smell it??? Simply put, there was an exhaust leak in the engine bay. I confirmed this on the driver’s side myself as I state below, and Sam confirmed there was an even worse one on the passenger’s side. Again, I bring up a concern, and I feel that Sharif just blows me off. Also I noticed that with the Boost Controller off, the car was going over 10psi of boost!!! Something is not right....I asked Sharif about this on the phone as well, and again he tells me this is normal.

I also noticed that my Front Radar Detection Unit was not working. The rear was working, but not the front.
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Ok, I got home early the morning of Thanksgiving. The next day, I went out to start wrenching on the new GTM 3" exhaust had been delivered the day I was traveling to Forged. A buddy and I got the car on stands and quickly saw things I didn't like.

1) The Passenger's side Down Pipe has been dented in severely. It looks like Forged used a hammer and beat the crap out of it. These parts are made for these cars and should be going in without any issues. Sam confirmed this as well.

2) The metal around one of the mounting holes on the Driver's side wastegate has been broken/cut off. Basically only half of one of the bolts was pushing against anything. Sam confirmed this as well.

3) The Driver's side Dump Tube is loose. Actually, the whole assembly (dump tube, wastegate, etc.) moves, so I think the exhaust manifold or something are loose. I can hear a vibration/rattle at times and I believe this, along with the charge pipes knocking into each other, is the cause. Did I mention something about an exhaust leak? Obviously there is one when the exhaust manifold is so loose. Sam confirmed this as well.

4) The Dump Tubes have different bolts in them where the wastegates attach to them. The Passenger's side has Allen-Head bolts where the Driver's side has normal ones. Yes, this is trivial, but just shows a lack of attention to detail and quality in my opinion.

5) The lower clamps that connect the Driver's side Charge Pipe to the pipe coming from the intercooler was turned the wrong direction. The bolts from the clamp were protruding into the inner fender and keeping the inner fender lining from going back all the way. I fixed this myself before I decided to send my car to GTM.

6) The Drive's-side front inner-fender was missing two snap clips (the ones in the back to the left of the strut). The inner fender was not completely attached due to this and the item above.

7) The Driver's-side front inner-fender is missing a snap clip (the one by the outer edge next the quarter panel). Again, this along with the items above meant the inner fender was not in place as it should be, and the inner portion was so loose it could move around.

8) The passenger's side charge pipe would make a knocking noise against the pipe it connects to. The pipes simply needed adjusting within the coupler to prevent this. I fixed this myself before I decided to send my car to GTM.

9a) On the passenger's side Blow-Off-Valve, the part where the vacuum line attaches was loose and would spin around freely. I fixed this myself before I decided to send my car to GTM.

9b) Passenger's side Blow-Off-Valve

10) The instructions called for 3 vacuum taps to be made in the Intake Collector. Instead of doing this, Forged only did the one in the rear and used a Vacuum Block. I questioned Sharif about this and he told me they always do this and it is fine. I'm sorry, I paid for the Turbo kit that GTM created and I want it installed as GTM says it should be. Sam confirmed this and said using the vacuum block is not recommended unless it was using a larger tap and input tube to it. Sam also stated that it is better for each blow-off valve to have its vacuum line running independently to each side (inlet) of the intake manifold.

11) The Passenger's-side front inner-fender is missing a snap clip (the one by the outer edge next the quarter panel).

12) One of the two bolts/screws holding the front bumper on from the inner fender is missing on each side.

13) The pipe going to the inter cooler on the driver's side was extremely loose, and would knock into the intercooler outlet causing a noise. I temporarily fixed this myself before I decided to send my car to GTM. I used some larger wire ties to basically hold it in place.
14) There is a very noticeable clunking noise coming from the front passenger side of the car when going over bumps at slow to medium speeds. I asked Sharif about this, and once again, he told me this was normal. He said it was my new sway bars. I spoke with Sam about this, and he said there should not be any noise like this due to the sway bars. Sam has confirmed the noise is there, but has not yet determined the cause of it.
15) The steering wheel seems to be off slightly.
16) The headlights seem to be weird. They point low and they have an unusual pattern in them in the middle of the car. It is as if the driver’s side light points too far to the left and creates a void or something in the middle.
17) There are some retaining clips (the things that clip to the plastic so a bolt can thread into them) missing on the cover under the engine.
18) One of the holes in the engine is stripped where the cover under the engine mounts.
19) The little rock guard (I guess that is what it is??) on the driver's side under the car is missing.
20) Forged mounted the EVC inside of my Ash Tray location. It looks nice, but the round button/dial on the EVC is depressed when the ash-tray is closed. I'm not sure what this could do, I guess it depends on what mode the EVC is in when this happens.
21) The EVC display isn't mounted at the proper angle. This makes it hard to read, especially during the day. Again, it looks nice, but it needed to be adjusted to a different angle.
22) The Glove Box sticks/hangs when opening and is not smooth like it should be.
23) I discovered why the front Radar Detection Unit was working, the fuse was blown.
24) I had asked Sharif to make sure my car was not too low, especially after seeing David’s car which was way too low...his rear tires would scrape. Sharif knew I was going to be putting a larger exhaust on the car. I'll admit, the car looked great so low, and that is what Sharif kept telling me, how good it looked. This is my daily driver, and he knew that. Needless to say, after installing the new 3" exhaust, I had to raise the rear of my car myself. I was driving at a whopping 5mph in a Sears’s parking lot and the exhaust hit on a manhole cover barely protruding above the pavement.
25) This is trivial, but why when I have stressed that I wanted the inside of my car to look totally factory, why do they mount the IR sensor for the CAMP 2 on my vertical center console. They should have at least asked me. In my opinion, it would have been pretty simple to put it inside of a vent.
26) They lost my Intelligent Cruise Control module. This is a $2200 part and the main brains to my cruise control. Forged ordered one, but not until right before I was coming for my car, and of course they are on back order with no expected date. So, I would have to put this on myself, and I have to go without Cruise Control until it comes in.
27) I purchased a mirror with a small light on it attached to a telescoping handle from Sears. I used this to try and verify what turbos were on my car. For the Stage II turbos, you should be able to see the ".86" stamped on the housing when looking at the rear of the passenger side housing. It is tough to see up in there, but from what I could see, I noticed something that looked like a symbol of some sort where the ".86" should be. As you will see below, I now know what this symbol is. The Stage I turbos have the ".64" stamped in a different location that you just can't see with the turbos mounted. They do have the symbol I just mentioned though.

At this point, I had seen enough. I am pretty mechanically inclined and have worked on many cars in my life. I have rebuilt a small block for my first car (78 Z-28). I have done things like brakes, tune ups, and even rebuilt the Turbo-350 Transmission in my Camaro. I have also worked professionally in a high end car audio shop where I was an Installer and have done everything from simple head unit replacements, to building custom door panels and enclosures, fiber glass work, etc. In my opinion, the workmanship was very poor on the car, things were missing, things not hooked up correctly, noises, etc... every step along the way when I would bring something up to Sharif, it was the same response...that is normal. Never was it something like, "We will look into that". Now that I had my car back in Missouri, I just did not want to send my car back to Sharif. When spending this kind of money with a supposedly high end performance shop, this stuff should have never happened. I was especially concerned about the over boosting and still wondering whether I even had the right turbos on the car. So, I called Sam at GTM and told him I wanted him to look at my car in more detail. A few days later a semi arrived at my house and loaded up the car for California.
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Within a few days of my car arriving at GTM, this is what Sam found:

1) I sent my list above to Sam and he agreed with the items I had found and had not yet fixed.
2) Noticed the boost pressure is uncontrollable. It will reach 11.5 psi.

3a) Put the car on the lift and confirmed that the passenger side Downpipe had been beaten with a hammer.

3b) Downpipe

4) Confirmed that the wastegate support brackets had been cut out.

5) Found a loose bolt wedged between the Turbo center section and the Exhaust housing on the turbo.

6) Found that the Driver's side upper dump tube has a severe exhaust leak due to the wrong hardware being installed. So, both sides had an exhaust leak!
7) The engine harness on the passenger side was lying on the exhaust manifold and had began to melt. This is shown on the picture above that is also showing evidence of the exhaust leak. This was supposed to be moved out of the way and a bunch of heat wrap was supposed to be installed (as shown in the picture below), and it wasn't.

8) This is how it should have been.

9) The Speed Sensor connector on the Engine Harness has been broken. The portion that was broken is what holds the two sides together. This more than likely would have disconnected over time.

10) The battery positive terminal cable has not been installed to the starter per the instructions. It is practically touching the turbo housing and has a potential of grounding which is an extreme fire hazard. The smallest front impact could have caught the car on fire.

11) The GTM Kit comes with a spacer that needs installed under the Rack & Pinion bracket. They installed it, but put the bracket back on upside down. Due to this, the factory cover that protects the Rack & Pinion was not even put back on.

12) The HKS AFK was not even hooked up to the factory Knock sensor, let alone calibrated.
13) The oil in the motor looked really bad. It has a burnt look to it. Forged put new MOTUL oil in it and it only had about 900 miles or so on it, of which 550 were pure highway miles coming home from Georgia.


14b) Wrong Turbos

14c) Wrong Turbos

In conclusion, Sam said it looks like a butcher had worked on my car. I know he is not exaggerating, I know a fair amount about cars, and as you can see from above, the workmanship was absolutely horrible.

I sent Sharif a certified letter letting him know what we had found. Sharif immediately tried to pass himself off as the victim. Asking me why I didn't send my car back to him because they stand behind everything they do. He kept telling me how he just couldn't believe I sent the car to GTM without talking to him first. Would anyone on here have sent it back to Forged? Every attempt I made to bring things up to Sharif, before my car was done, while at his shop, and even on the drive home resulted in the same thing. Would telling him all the things I found suddenly make him say...oh, and by the way, the wrong turbos are on your car too? If I sent it there, would they have found and fixed the things like the battery terminal, engine harness, etc., or just simply fixed the stuff I found. Would they have then told me about the wrong turbos? Sharif told me that because I sent the car somewhere else that he isn't responsible for anything. I told him wrong answer. He then said he is a reasonable man and maybe we could split the cost...again I told him wrong answer. He then said he would speak to Sam and get back with me. When speaking with Sam, Sharif even told Sam that he had noticed the broken connector on the Engine Harness!!!! Why didn't he fix it?

After 3 months had gone by since Sharif was made aware of all of this, I still had not heard back from him. I did receive a Christmas card from Forged! I also received a call from Ryan at Forged a while back saying that they had found my Cruise Sensor. They deducted the cost of it from my bill with the agreement that once the new part came in, I would pay what they had deducted and they would send it to me. Ryan told me that I needed to send them money and they would ship it!!! What nerve!!!

After hiring an attorney, she contacted Sharif towards the end of March. Sharif sent my attorney an email where he said that he personally looked at David's turbos and they were Stage II turbos and that he made the assumption that since both kits should be identical, that mine were also Stage II turbos. The funny thing is, Sharif sent me an email back in December after he found out my car was with GTM saying that he had promised me mine were Stage II turbos since he had seen them with his own eyes.

So, my brand new car that has just over 5k miles on it, which I have had for 14 months now, has spent 11 months in a shop. It really stinks making payments, insurance payments, XM subscription, etc. on a car that I don't even have. I have had to pay for rentals and finally had to break down and buy a used vehicle to drive.

I just wanted to share this with everyone so they can make an informed decision before giving Forged their business. David’s car is in the same boat, sitting at another mechanic's shop waiting on some sort of resolution. I truly hope that everyone else who has had work done there has a great install, and even all the parts they paid for. I just find it alarming and upsetting that 2 G37s go there and both come back in such poor condition. I imagine a lot of people that pay for this stuff don't have the knowledge to take things apart and see a lot of what I saw, so they would just trust Sharif's assurances that the problems were "normal" and that no damage has been done to their car.
As stated above, I plan to file a civil lawsuit against Forged Performance for violations of the Georgia Deceptive Trade Practices Act and the Georgia Fair Business Practices Act. I am also going to file a complaint with the Georgia Governor’s Office of Consumer Affairs at This agency investigates consumer complaints when there is evidence of a pattern of unfair or deceptive acts. They are also able to issue fines and potentially help consumers recoup losses. Most importantly, the agency may institute legal action on behalf of the state if a “significant quantity” of complaints about unfair or deceptive practices is received about a particular company.

Given what happened to me and Dave, and reading other comments about Forged Performance on this forum, I certainly doubt that I am the only person who will have a reason to complain. Any time a company rips off a consumer by misrepresenting the qualities, standards, characteristics, uses, and qualities of the product (such as saying Stage II Turbos were installed when in reality they were Stage I Turbos), it is not a private matter, but one of significant public interest and concern that the Office of Consumer Affairs should pursue and investigate to make sure this doesn’t happen to anyone else. I believe the OCA should investigate and, at a minimum, conduct ongoing future monitoring of Forged Performance. If you or someone you know has had an experience similar to mine, you should also report Forged Performance. I certainly don’t want anyone else to go through what I have been forced to go through.
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Mixed Bag of Shops East Coast Shops since New Years 2005!

if considered off topic, deleting will not offend me.

Name of Shop::::
Function Tuned, Hills Garage, AAM, JE Import Performance, Elite Importz

List your entire build list.::::
2005 Stock Block Vortech Supercharger RevUp with Unichip on a 6mt G35C
APS Tall Boy Plenum
AAM Plenum Spacer and Intake (not at the same time as APS for the smartazzes)
Strup Headers
TiTech Test Pipes
Stillen Y pipe
AAM 3 inch single exhaust G35
Fast Intensions Exhaust
400cc/600cc DW injectors
Hotch... Sways F&R
Many Dyno Runs
Replaced OEM shocks
Removed and Installed Blower for maitenance
Paint Shop Recommendations (A&R Autoboy) D&V AutoBody
Countless phone calls

1) Workmanship/ quality of work:

JE IP Outstanding
FT Execellent
Hills Outstanding
AAM Great
Elite Oustanding

2) Pricing::::
JE IP Best Around
FT Market
Hills Under Market close to JE
AAM Over Market
Elite Market

3) Condition car was returned vs drop off condition:::: Same...decent, not cleaned ever! lol..then again my car is rarely dirt

4) Customer service::::
JE IP Excellent always schedules me when he knows I can be in and out. will call the day before if appt cant be met
FT Excellent, always follows up everything working ok
Hills Unherd of Off the Chaing Rediculous (maybe they just like
AAM Excellent
Elite: Excellent, went out of thier way on a friday after the shop closed to get a clutch in for me at no extra cost, still offered a break on the price.

5) Honesty::::
JE IP Perfect... "hey man...anymore boost and the block is going to let go...are you sure you want to try it?" gotta love that!
FT Good ([email protected] Post about Red vs Blue gage...I side with JB lol)
Hills Perfect... "I wouldnt do it"
AAM Perfect
Elite Perfect... Hey man you left your wallet!

6) Willing to stand behind work::: this means I had something go wrong after work. never had anything go wrong with any of my AAM work

JE IP 100%
FT 100%
Hills 100%
AAM never have anything go wrong...this is N/A, however I have used them the least but rock more of their products if that make sense.
Elite 100%

7) Would you use this shop again::: YES
8) Would you recommend this shop to a friend::: YES, I never tell folks NOT to go to AAM, but because I have close friends has had major issues with them.... I just say do your research and find out what each shop has to offer. I would take my car there. Custom single exhaust will be made one of these days..just dont have the time.
9) What do you think of their overall knowledge of this platform::: OUSTANDING we are very fortunate to have so many options within an hour or two here on the East Coast. All shops have strengths and weaknesses... cant go wrong, if you know the strengths of each one..hopefully this post and thread will aid everyone.

10) Do they have a professional looking shop.:::: YES, I must admit JE is a little more on the grunge side of things, but they dont take time to sweep and mop when cars need to be delivered ontime. FT and HILLS top notch. Honestly I sort of like the raw, oil, and parts look at JE IP over a shop that has clean white

11) Was the final price on your invoice the same as agreed::: unlike most VQ customers I consistently talk about price and my budget. I let them know how much I have and thats it...dont even suggest ad-ons when you know I only have X. I see many customers bend over and take it for a simple lack of asking why, or is there an alternative. The lack of education of these people who want to build MONSTER cars is flabergasting! I built freaking fighter jets for 6+ years back in th day and I still seek the advice of those who do this day in and day out.

12) Was your car completed on the date promised:::: ALWAYS I DONT PLAY THAT STUFF!

13) Did you have any issues with your car after delivery..big or small:::::
Yes all small and minor
1. FT: Crank Sensor tripped a light after clutch from FT. Returned car next night, picked up following morning...never has an issue sense
2. Hills Garage:Yes, after my sways a small bolt was loose and making noise, returned next day fixed on the spot...even tripple checked all parts swaped, plus OEM bolts in the same areas
3. JE Import Performance:
A.)After 2.87 pulley upgrade, 255 FP, and tune the blower belt got distroyed in like 2 miles after I left the shop. I was like "hey man you had it last! He was like "when was the last time you changed it?" I was like "never". It had well over 20K miles on that cog belt! Jame as JE was like "Consider youself lucky!"

I now keep two in the trunk! LOL

B.)Forgot to give me the old 3.12 pulley. I sold it, and since I did, they shipped it to the new buyer for free!

I had a clutch go out the day of a 800 mile trip. Dave at FT, Frank and Hills, and Chris at Elite all came to my aid. This was a Friday after 4pm. I had a 877 mile DC to STL trip party to get to that I was HOSTING! Clutch was installed and I was on the road thanks to FT, HILLS, and Elite, Elite put the clutch in for me that go round.

The Vortech Instructions where wrong and Frank from Hills gave me support after hours in comfirming that the instructions was wrong, but could I be smarter than vortech.

Pros FT: knowledge many , many successful buids.
Cons FT: Time, its feast of famine at his shop he ALWAYS has one or two but sometime he gets like 10 at a time. The fault that I see is that he doesnt tell them to wait. They drop the car off and it sits for a week untouched. I think waiting until the Day to start work would yield favor in this....its one of my pet peevs not to have my car
Not many Unique Shop builds however dont forget the boost AWD 350Z!

JE Import Performance:
Pros... V8 350z drift car and many UNIQUE builds under their belt, to include RB26 swaps Shop looks like a shop... they are there to work and the prices are lower than most.
Cons... Too daum far from Takes me an hour and change under "light" boost to get Little to no advertising... shop could do so much more. No local event presence other than the drift track...but I feel thats enough with that V8 beast. lol

Hills Garage
Pros Hills: Friendly, makes you feel at home sort of guy. Talks too daum much (like me) and could be knocking out work, however those conversation are worth having a pen and paper handy. He explains everything he knows in great detail and explains the pros and cons of doing vs not doing.

I think FT can benefit from explaining the basic to many of the newb customers. In my experience some folks dont have a clue and since its a simple part/process/issue.. [email protected] may overlook the need to explain. I have noticed that, but I understand, but freggin noobs need to ask more question when you are paying 10K. Annoy the shop, let them know that you CARE about your MONEY and your CAR!
Cons Hills: his Azz is right down the road from JE thus a nice hike from DC, but even FT is 45mins away from me shop as his just parted from AAM... smaller shop so volume may become an issue over time.

Elite Importz
Pros: Awesome people, great service, top notch
Cons: Remove and replace only, simple to major bolt ons to include engine swaps but no tuning....yet

AAM: Pros: Oustanding parts list with proven performance
Cons: Serious negative local reputation from well known cars and members. From my experience the issue is management, not customer service. I personaly have never had a single issue.

100% honest post, I hope its inline with the thread and I hope it helps both forum members and the shops improve. Again, I will use all of them in the future and I continue to try to keep the air clear.

Even with negative feedback and post/ many times has your order been wrong at McDonalds? Are you ever going back there? shizzil happens, Mo Boost.... Mo Problems.

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Function: Tuned

2005 350Z
Powerlab complete kit
Defi gauges
yada yada yada
(all turbo kit install done at MRC)

Work done at F:T :

Haltech (switched from UTEC)
HKS EVC 6 (3,6,9 psi tuned)
FT Stg. 0 RFS
Clutch slave cylinder

1) Workmanship/ quality of work::: 5
2) Pricing:::: "Han's labor ain't cheap, ya feel me?" You get what you pay for...not a good question for something that is not a commodity
3) Condition car was returned vs drop off condition:::: 5 (no issues)
4) Customer service:::: 5 (worked on Easter Sunday to get my car finished)
5) Honesty:::: 5 (transparent all the way)
6) Willing to stand behind work::: ? (no problems and answered all my 1,000,000 questions after N/A)
7) Would you use this shop again::: yes (it is 250 miles away from me)
8) Would you recommend this shop to a friend::: yes
9) What do you think of their overall knowledge of this platform::: 5
10) Do they have a professional looking shop.::::5
11) Was the final price on your invoice the same as agreed::: yes
12) Was your car completed on the date promised:::: i did not specify a 'must have date'...N/A


Dave's a good guy. He got back to me on all my questions and made my car run like stock again, just a LOT faster. No issues from his work at all. I can feel that he took his time to make sure it was right by how smoothly it runs.

I've fallen into the trap of shop nuthugging for an extremely brief amount of time, had some problems with another shop, so I won't do it again, no matter how good a shop is. My review is what it is: a snapshot of a certain job performed, so this is how it should be taken. I would not hesitate to recommend anyone to Dave based upon my dealings with him.

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Built by Corner 3 Garage... Lake Forest, CA (Orange County)
Tuned by Tadashi at Technosquare...Torrance CA

List your entire build list.::::

- Cosworth Built VQ35DE (8.8:1 Compression All Cosworth Components)
- Cosworth Intake Manifold
- Cosworth ZK2 Grind 270 Degree Cams
- Cosworth 96mm Head Gaskets
- Carbonetic Triple Plate Carbon Clutch
- APS Extreme Twin Turbo System (2 Garrett GT30 BB Turbos)
- APS Extreme Fuel Return System (Twin In-tank Fuel Pumps)
- APS 3.5” Downpipes
- APS 3” True Dual Race Exhaust
- 2 TiAL 38mm External Wastegates
- Custom Oil Cooler built by Corner 3 Garage (Setrab Core)
- PWR Performance Radiator
- NISMO Thermostat
- Samco Hoses
- ARP L19 Head Studs
- Heads Ported and Polished by Tom Fujita at Port Flow
- +1mm Supertech Oversized Valves (Stainless Steel Intake Valves & Inconnel Exhaust Valves)
- Supertech Dual Valve Springs
- Supertech Titanium Retainers
- Stock ECU Tuned by Technosquare
- Polished Cam and Timing Covers
- Rare JDM Polished Engine Harness Cover

1) Workmanship/ quality of work:: 5
2) Pricing:::: 5
3) Condition car was returned vs drop off condition:::: 5
4) Customer service:::: 5
5) Honesty:::: 5
6) Willing to stand behind work:::
7) Would you use this shop again:::5
8) Would you recommend this shop to a friend::: Yes!!! 5
9) What do you think of their overall knowledge of this platform::: 5 Steve @ Corner 3 Garage is the best mechanic for this platform I have ever found. He is a factory certified Nissan Master Tech as well.
10) Do they have a professional looking shop.:::: 5
11) Was the final price on your invoice the same as agreed::: 5
12) Was your car completed on the date promised:::: 5
13) Did you have any issues with your car after delivery..big or small::::: No issues whatsover since the day it came out of the shop 5


I cant explain how happy I was to find this shop. Steve and Nima (Owners) are by far the friendliest, most knowledgeable, and honest shop owners I have ever met. I supplied all the parts and they did all the work. Steve also did custom coolant lines for the turbos all in hard pipe, custom oil return lines (I can run a full 7 quarts of oil with my APS oil pan and no smoking), and Steve did a custom oil cooler for the car as well. Steve @ Corner 3 is by far the most meticulous mechanic I have ever meet. The overall job they did was simply amazing!! Special thanks to these guys for all of their hard work and making my vision a reality. Also special thanks to Tadashi @ Technosquare for the amazing tune!!!
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Name of Shop:::: forged performance

List your entire build list.::::snow performance stage 2 water/meth injection with custom reservoir in trunk,v2 sc,return fuel system/600cc injectors/walbro 255lph fuel pump with pump housing modification,greddy oil cooler,greddy oil catch can,+1 colder sparkplugs,pillar with gauges,UTEC EMS with map switch,koyo radiator,tuned

1) Workmanship/ quality of work it was great/perfessional work 5*****
2) Pricing::::got what i paid for plus some. 3*** for big reciept
3) Condition car was returned vs drop off condition:::: came back a little bit cleaner than when I dropped it off because I had to drive 8 hours to get there. 5*****
4) Customer service:::: hard to get the answers i'm looking for with my technical questions because sharif isn't alwasy available 4****
5) Honesty:::: never lied or b/s me 5*****
6) Willing to stand behind work::: great shop with the utmost respect 5*****
7) Would you use this shop again::: if i gather up some more dough for the mods plus the transportation then i would definately use them again. 5*****
8) Would you recommend this shop to a friend::: all day every day 5*****
9) What do you think of their overall knowledge of this platform::: sharifknows just about everything and is willing to help if he can 5*****
10) Do they have a professional looking shop.:::: their shop is professional for the most part but needs to get a bigger place 4****
11) Was the final price on your invoice the same as agreed::: well with any build you never know what could come up and what other hardware you need so other than that then the price was legit 5*****
12) Was your car completed on the date promised:::: thats where i was the most upset. i was told when i dropped it off they would start working on it in a week and it should be done 2 weeks from was dropped off at my place 40+ days later 2**
13) Did you have any issues with your car after delivery..big or small::::: no issues until 1000 miles later where my car would start overheating and i'm still finding a cure for it. small oil leak from oil cooler fitting but that was a simple fix. charge cooler pipes started to rub against metal oil line so i had to adjust that.4****

I basically explained it all. I would highly reccommend them to anyone that is on the east coast. i drove 16 hours straight to drop my car off there because i knew my car was in good hands. only downfalls are labor costs $100/hr and the underestimated time it took to complete my build. although i knew 2 weeks was too good to be true with that amount of work to be done.

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Name of Shop:::: HILLS GARAGE

List your entire build list.::::

Wilwood BBK
14” 6 piston front
13” 4 piston rear
Stainless steel brake lines
JWT 530bb Twin Turbo kit
DW 600cc injectors
Powder coated timing cover
Painted valvecovers
mocal oil cooler
Z1 motorsports blue silicone hoses
Kinetix Velocity Plenum and engine cover
Optima Yellow top Battery
HKS Hi power true dual exhaust with TI tips
ARC Thermostat
KP Technologies 2 step/no lift module
Carbonetics triple disk clutch
SPL solid diff mounts
NISMO Finned Diff cover
Sound Performance diff braces
Quaife LSD
Cusco front adjustable A Arms
SPC rear adjustable camber arms and toe bolt
Kinetix adjustable toe/traction bar
BC Racing type BR coilovers
Hotckis Sway bars
Powergrid endlinks
DEFI Boost
DEFI Oil Temp
Greddy Turbo timer
Greddy Profec boost controller
Dyno tuneAF gauge w/ innovate wideband

1) Workmanship/ quality of work...5
2) Pricing::::5 Great great prices for performance work.
3) Condition car was returned vs drop off condition::::5 I dropped it off spotless and it was returned same way.
4) Customer service::::5 I was at the shop almost every day and frank always talked to me and answered all my questions, even gave me his personal cell number if I needed him.
5) Honesty::::5 If he thought my ideas werent the best/right for my build he would tell me!!
6) Willing to stand behind work:::5
7) Would you use this shop again::: Without a doubt
8) Would you recommend this shop to a friend:::ALWAYS
9) What do you think of their overall knowledge of this platform:::He is a nissan master mechanic and is EXTREMELY knowledgeable
10) Do they have a professional looking shop.:::: YES
11) Was the final price on your invoice the same as agreed::: besides all the stuff I told them to add as I kept making the list longer
12) Was your car completed on the date promised:::: Even with parts not arriving on time and powder coating getting behind schedule frank worked with me to have the car completed for a Big show I wanted to be in even working till 3-4am to finish up the car.
13) Did you have any issues with your car after delivery..big or small::::: NOT YET

Frank hill and hills garage run a great shop with great customer service and do flawless work. I could not be happier to have my car done by him.

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Name of Shop: Hills Garage

List your entire build list:

- Greddy 20G Tuner Kit (VQ35HR)
- GTM HR Return Fuel System
- Walbro 255 Fuel Pump
- DW 600cc Injectors
- GTM HD Oil Cooler
- Greddy 9mm Oil Catch Can
- HKS Type 0 Turbo timer
- HKS EVC 6 boost controller
- 2 HKS SSQV BOV's w/ 50mm Aluminum Flange's
- AEM UEGO Wideband
- Defi BF Amber Imperial Boost Gauge
- Defi BF Amber Imperial Fuel Pressure Gauge
- Defi BF Amber Imperial EGT Gauge
- Defi Version II Control Unit
- South Bend DXD-B 6 Puck Clutch w/ CSC bearing sleeve, new CSC, & feed tube.
- Southbend Clutch DXD Billet HR Flywheel

1) Workmanship/quality of work - 5 – I always receive compliments on how clean the install is. Very high quality work.
2) Pricing - 5 - Very fair pricing
3) Condition car was returned vs drop off condition – 5 – Frank even let me wash the car at the shop (yes he offered to do it).
4) Customer service - 5 - The customer service from Hills Garage is top notch and nothing like any other shop I’ve been to. Frank was able to answer every question I asked and always provided no BS explanations. I couldn't make it to the shop everyday due to work and other responsibilities, but Frank and Suzanne provided daily updates via phone, text, and email. They also provided hundreds of pictures of the work in progress.
5) Honesty - 5 -
6) Willing to stand behind work - 5 -
7) Would you use this shop again - 5 – Meth and new radiator install are next.
8) Would you recommend this shop to a friend - 5 -
9) What do you think of their overall knowledge of this platform - 5 -
10) Do they have a professional looking shop - 5 -
11) Was the final price on your invoice the same as agreed - 5 - Yes, but it increased once I started adding more parts.
12) Was your car completed on the date promised - 5 - I told Frank he could keep the car as long as he needed it. However, he promised to have it done before the Ocean City Car Show and sure enough it was done.
13) Did you have any issues with your car after delivery, big or small? Had an issue with hot starts but this was easily resolved.

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Question Shop rating thread?

Okay- no idea why nobody has contributed to this in over a year so I'm just going to do it...

SHOP: Progressive Automotive. Victoria, BC

Entire build list:

700bb JWT TT kit (350z Variant with single IC)
680CC injectors (originally)
Fuel Rails / Return system (from Red35)
255lph fuel pump
SPC shim kit

1) Workmanship/ quality of work:::: 3
2) Pricing:::: 3
3) Condition car was returned vs drop off condition:::: Looked like 5... was actually 2
4) Customer service:::: 4
5) Honesty:::: 3
6) Willing to stand behind work::: 0
7) Would you use this shop again::: 0
8) Would you recommend this shop to a friend::: 0
9) What do you think of their overall knowledge of this platform::: The car 3 / The turbo 2
10) Do they have a professional looking shop.:::: 4
11) Was the final price on your invoice the same as agreed::: NA
12) Was your car completed on the date promised:::: 3
13) Did you have any issues with your car after delivery..big or small::::: Yeah, you could say that.


I took this kit into these guys because for all intents and purposes they were recommended to me by some folks on Driver and other enthusiasts on the island. In talking to the shop they hadn't installed a kit like this before in a G35 but I got the impression that their technical skills and overall knowledge would be sufficient to pull through. I made it known in no uncertain terms that I knew that good things aren't cheap and cheap things aren't good- so I insisted that they take the time to do it right. They indicated they had one of the best installers on the island on the payroll but that he was very meticulous. The other installer, who it turned out did most of the work, was just finishing his certification though had worked at the shop for some time and was quite eager for the opportunity. These guys were all quite nice to talk to and I didn't get the impression that they were shady. In fact, despite what's happened... I'm still hesitant to say they were shady. We never really agreed on a firm price because a part of me didn't want to know. He said it'd probably be about 10k... and it came up to less than that... but there was nothing on paper until the end. I know, I'm stupid that way.

Anyway I was in here quite early in the build as they started to run into small problems- guys in here were full of Russian Roulette smilies blowing their heads off and telling me they don't know what they're doing... fire the shop... etc. Others indicated they got in a bit over their head and just needed to be given some time to network and get some information- which they eventually ended up doing. They got some decent information from Lightspeed Innovations in Red Deer, AB (a shop that specializes in our platform who had done work for me before) and over time things started to come together. I work out of town so I was only able to drop in a couple of different times and, not being a car guy, things looked reasonable to me. I had plenty of questions for guys in here and in Driver and felt reasonably confident that things were going to be okay.

When the build was complete we had an issue with the injectors because they were the wrong impedence... so I think we had a couple of failed starts before that issue was figured out and the stock ones put back in. They got the car to start, had to wrestle a bit with error codes from the shims they put in but otherwise I was under the impression everything was going to be fine. I then took it down to Intec Racing for a tune- paying close attention to take it easy and not get anywhere near boost.

On an initial evaluation from Intec's guys the build actually looked reasonable. It wasn't until things went sideways on the dyno that the degree of negligence became apparent. Starting with the fact that the front motor mounts were totally absent of any fastening at all- the nuts were nowhere to be found. This resulted in significant twisting of the engine and subsequently the wastegate actuator arm on one side was catching- and unable to open... In addition, Progressive left plugs that were a stage hotter than stock- one of which was showing signs of detonation. Fortunately, that was discovered BEFORE the dyno runs and promptly replaced at Intec. More superficially in some respects was the fact that they'd used some sort of unorthodox combination of improper oil and cooling lines to the turbos... and the fittings were bound to fail over the shorter term. There was some other overall "jank" workmanship- but there were some things I think htey did reasonably well. The gauges were installed nicely

Anyway, when it became clear that an engine rebuild was on the books Intec stepped up to plate and took a share of the responsibility for the occurrence. I'll be doing a review on them after we get things sorted out... hopefully soon. I talked to Progressive about having them step up for some of the things they were directly responsible for that unquestionably contributed. They indicated that they warned me that the kit wasn't made for the car and that they'd be happy to take the car back and fix it (which, judging by the stories I've read above is essentially the golden words to avoid a lawsuit)... I pointed out the series of events and the pictures taken of a number of their mistakes- they said there was nothing they could do.

As has been said before- after seeing what they'd done the first time around... there was no FREAKIN way I was taking it back there... not even for an oil change.

Last edited by Eno; 06-24-2011 at 01:44 AM. Reason: Posted the shop rating instead...
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