Found a gem for sale

Alright guys, so 12 years ago when I worked at a local speed shop we did a full build on a beautiful 350Z. After working my ass off on the build and falling in love with the car I promised myself I…

  Comments | By - July 19, 2017

Idle drop at warm temp start up?

Hey guys, I have a 2008 HR 350z.

When I start my car once it’s at operating temp. the idle dips to near stall (around 200 rpms) then goes back up to a steady 700-800 rpms. But the car drives fine…

  Comments | By - July 17, 2017

Anyone in the Dallas area know of car meets to go to?

Anyone got any meets for Z owners.:)

  Comments | By - July 15, 2017

Z Help

hey guys, I’m looking to purchase a 350z. I’ve done a ton of research on the years of the cars and watched tons of videos. So far I’ve been told to stay away from the 2003-2004 year due to tire…

  Comments | By - July 14, 2017

NSFW! Buy back or not?

i have a 2003 350z touring with 142k with brand new tires . Hail storm got it and insurance is going to give me 9400 if they keep the car or 6900 after my deductible and buy back to get the car back…

  Comments | By - July 11, 2017

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