350Z Roadster – inner workings of the tonneau lid

Hello all ,

This post is more for reference in case it helps anyone else out in the future. i’ve been fiddling a little more with the roof and I can confirm that the actuator is doing its job, but…

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2005 350z enthusiast NYC (help)

Ok so helping a friend that inherited an 05 350z.

car is pulling p2122 and p2127 no acceleration only nuetral and reverse

this morning after a tow last night battery light on, TCS off, slip,…

  Comments | By - June 16, 2018

P0327 knock sensor code


Just want to know what are some of the symptoms you have witnessed when popping this code ? How did your engine act ?

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Z not starting

At first my Z sounded like it had an exhaust leak. Then my service engine light came on. Lifted it and no leaks. Took it to get the codes read and it came up as a knock sensor. But I changed it about…

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Smoke on the race track

Hi Everyone,

I am currently running an open PCV system. Breathers on both PCV valves and high temp silicone plugs on the ports of the valve cover and intake tube. Now the issue:

*When I near…

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