350z rear main seal…still leaking

Hey everyone. My 350z has a leaky rear main seal…why? No clue. It probably folded over the spring seal and didn’t seal properly. While I was changing it, I did the upper pan gasket. Huge PITA but…

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Genuine Nismo headers? what do you think?


Found this ad online and got excited, took a closer look and…

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SRZ Performance saying hi!

Image: https://cimg7.ibsrv.net/gimg/my350z.com-vbulletin/728×90/7_1359da288cca26e1d998ba6e458d9a8d6e864cfc.png

*My350z members,

We are looking forward to being a part of your community!…

  Comments | By - November 9, 2018

problems with VDC and SLIP in my 350z 2003

My car when starting it and wanting to start it starts to fail as if it wanted to turn off, pull itself, or as if it were braking, and at the same time turn on and off the VDC and SLIP bulbs on the…

  Comments | By - November 8, 2018

ARK GTS Spring on a JDM Version Nismo

hi guys
just wondering any member in here used ARK GTS lowering spring because if so please post some photo just to get an idea of how it gonna sit before making the decision

My car for reference…

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