question on 2004 nissan 350z

good afternoon to all,
thanks for all the great info here I read it to keep my sons 350z in check. a major concern came up today when my son took his car for the average oil change. the mechanic…

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Difference in color between BY and IF.

What is the difference between the two colors besides the years of Z they are available on. Does anyone have a side by side picture?

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fairlady changes

was thinking of getting a 350z.

this one is listed as a fairlady. the reg plate is square and the brakes are not brembo.

so I have two question – can the front reg plate be changed to a…

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Intermittent P0327 & P0345 CEL problem

Hi My350z,

I am not new to these forums, but it is the first time I’ve ever registered and posted. I am having a very odd problem and would like some outside opinion on my 2003 350z w/ 87K miles….

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Brake Pedal Travel

So over the past couple days, I feel as thought my brake pedal has had more travel in it than usual. Naturally I checked the fluid and the level is on max, and clean, not dark at all.


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