I have a 2004 350z coupe, its auto. Have 151k miles. Today in the morning. I was driving and my check engine light went on, and also a slip light and…

Couple months ago, i went through and replaced my whole clutch system with ACT clutch set and flywheel, with Zspeed slave and master cyclinder. Was…

Jul 2014

AZA forged Z8 wheel

I am searching for ONE 18×8.5 AZA z8 wheel
I hope this pops up on google…thats the only way I’ll find one

Jul 2014

Seat Replacement

I bought my 2006 350Z 18 months ago with 16,000 miles on it…Grand Touring…black on black leather. Then got transferred to Vegas.

Am looking…

Hi Guys,

I am a bit of an oddball, as i have a Lexus SC400 with a 1JZ and a CD009 Nissan 350Z transmission.

My dilemma ever since i got the car…