I have a 2003 touring m/t coupe. The brakes started making noise so I quickly got it to Nissan to do the brakes. This was a few months ago. They…

Oct 2014

Trunk Hole Plugs

I was watching this video:

James 350z For V.O -Car Scene- – YouTube
and noticed his trunk hole plugs @ 1:14 and was wondering where could I get…

I wanted to lower my car on BC BR coilovers and wanted to see if someone can steer me in the right direction. I’m going to lower from 2-2.5 all…

Just got Vis racing ams gt rear bumper installed

Oct 2014

Welded dif??

Is it really worth the 300 for a LSD ??? I was thinking about just welding my stock dif
And if the “cherp” is that terrible I’ll get a LSD. Any…