Dec 2014

My track

Hey ,

Will be documenting my nonsense here as I go .
Will get on the pc later and up load some pictures of my progress and questions I need to get opinions on …etc etc

okay now that the 350z is old and replaced by a 370z, what kind of appeal does a 350z have on peoples minds. I still get comments on my car being nice but still Im not sure.

Dec 2014

window whipers

what are my window wipers length for 350z I need to have them replaced at the front:confused:

i recently bought my Z on 11/29/14 about two weeks ago from a guy (private sale i guess you can call it). i got everything insured, and registered this Friday. I got pulled over this saturday…

Hey, i really need your advice what to do now! I got my 03 z some time ago. My firend test drove it and he loved it. So about 2 weeks ago he bought 04 z with 71k miles.
And here is the problem:…