Oct 2014

#becauseracecar build

hey guys,
My name is Osmar some of you guys might know me from fb or ig (go follow me if you havent yet at Osmar_350z ) I am a proud first owner…

Is there a way to tell what type of 350z diff one is, without the car. Is it stamped on the pumpkin? If I remove the cover, will the final drive…

Finally got my Z back and had it repainted stock color again plus had some rust removed. I also decided to update the look with a little gismo V2…

Oct 2014

Early birthday

So my birthdays coming up on teusday and my parents got me some konig rims for my birthday, we stayed at the tire shop getting them on for hours….

Oct 2014

Speed bumps

So my z is lowered on some eibach springs and my apartment complex just installed new speed bumps which are huge. I now scrape every time.