2003-2009 Nissan 350Z

Post your double take stories!

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my story, when i bought my Z drove the car home my parents saw the car for the 1st time, they were little happy. my dad told me but the car is too low what you will do if you need to work under it.. i told him i will buy a lifter and put it in the house.. my mom almost got a heart attack.. forgot about the lifter project & bought a small jack.. moved on with my life

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Originally Posted by The_Assassin View Post
lol if he said it am pretty sure he would be in the hospital making that post.

Nah dude, kid was like 18-19. Scrawny *** Justin Bieber looking kid. I woulda knocked him out in 2 hits.
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I could knock out Justin Beiber by looking at him.

I've been followed twice by 2 different carloads of teenage boys. Each time when I got to my destination they pulled up and started sweating my **** like I would do for a Lexus LFA or something. One kid actually started taking pictures and texting his bros.

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People of all ages used to look or compliment my z, now I just get ricers in busted up cars or beat down zs looking.
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1- had a kid around 18 years old run up to me saying how i have an ls swap when i pulled into the gas station. i just have basic bolt ons not even headers.

2- a few months after i bought my car i was passing by a house with a family outside with 4 kids playing by the steet they were all atleast 10 yrs old and younger. had 1 of the kids ask me to " go real fast to hear the car" sadly i was all stock at that point

3- i got pulled over by 2 cops, 1 of the cops were impressed how the z looks inside. said hes never pulled 1 over.

4- this isnt a verbal compliment but i do get alot of hondas give me the death stare. to me thats a compliment of me having a nicer car.

5. had a guy talk to me about cars at my job and say "that black 350z looks clean" made me feel good since i didnt even tell him its my car ( sadly it needs work )
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Originally Posted by l2frankie View Post
4- this isnt a verbal compliment but i do get alot of hondas give me the death stare. to me thats a compliment of me having a nicer car.
I get a lot of stares around here, since the 350z is so rare in this area.
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Was coming home through my neighborhood and there was a couple walking down the street on the opposite side. The guy kinda glanced at my car and continued talking to the gf, well I made it past the first gradual speed bump as I passed them and gave her a little gas (I was in 5th gear and have a HKS intake) needless to say the Z gave off a low growl and I caught the guys head turn around to do a double take in my rear view mirror.

I have had a really drunk girl shout that she wants to so naughty things to me because of my car, however I don't think she was my type and I had just gone grocery shopping. Gotta get those perishables back to the fridge before they go bad!

Finally I went cruising the other day and a turbo 300zx rolled up on me and absolutely out ran me. He probably was pushing 400 to the wheels but we messed around speeding up and slowing down. I told him I love the 300, he ended up asking if mine was an 06 and was surprised to hear me say it was 03. Told me it looked and sounded good and went on his way. I also saw a green 240 peer out his driver side window as I downshifted and flew through a nice right hander at the green light near him.

I also have no idea why people think it is a Porsche, all it means to me is Nissan had the right idea when invading the sports car market!
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Nissan always has the right idea, but implementing them has been tricky as of late.
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Originally Posted by MrRon View Post
Should have said it! HAHA

The first day I got it a guy said nice car as I drove past him in the parking lot.

And I mainly get a bunch of little kids saying my car is really nice.
But this one time this like 9 year old kid got out of this late 80s honda accord with his mom, as I'm putting the few bags of groceries in the trunk of mine. And he ask's his mom, "When I'm older can you get me a car like that?"
his mom says, "When we win the lottery." lol

I have also gotten stares from like 18-21 year old girls when they are walking across the street, and I'll give them a wink, and they'll smile. (I'm 19 )
And a few thumbs up from high school kids who walk home.
Those are the best ones ! When you're young and older teens see you driving a better car !
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A few months back I was driving by an elementary school during the end of their school day, a few kids saw/heard my car and started running after it. It was awesome.
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Not too long ago I was coming out of Stop & Shop with my fiancÚ and saw a father and son park next to my car, get out, and they start admiring my car. They then start to head to the store and as they walk by us the father says "see son if you work hard one day you can have a car like that."

Then the other day I come home from work (in my B13) to find 3 kids standing around my car in my driveway. I asked if they needed help and they said they were just admiring my car and it was so clean. I liked that they were admiring my car, just not in my driveway on my property.
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I live on a hill in a fairly "Hood" area of Wash. DC. an every time I work on my car in front of my house, "Hood Cars" would rev their engines as soon as they pass me. 5mph going up the hill but as soon as they get near me it 9000rpm! I don't even have an exhaust just a stock Z while I'm doing my suspension. Challengers, Escalades, Boxes, Bubbles, the lot! I think its a import vs domestic thing
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I was driving threw Milwaukee and in my rear view mirror i can see the gold mini van barreling through traffic and as soon as they caught up to me the driver is hanging out of the window flexing his arm with a honda tattoo on it and his screaming something i couldnt make out. It was pretty funny
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