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Gavin Pancirov
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Default Need urgent help. I have 2 codes p0335, and p1273. READ BELOW

Hello all. I am brand new to this so please bear with me. I have a 2004 Nissan 350z with injen intake, throttle body spacer, and straight piped from headers. The test pipes were put in last year. Iíve had a big problem recently with my car. I started having very weird throttle response randomly. It started off maybe once a week, then increased until it got very bad. I kept getting the cars check engine light read but nothing was coming on until my o2 sensor. I was
told it was probably just my test pipes finally Being detected ok so they said they donít know why I was having that issue said it might be fuel. This was about a week or so. Today I cold start the car and idles ok for the first minute then I as I clean my garage for the next 5 minutes. 3-5 times the Rpms drop to about 100 and back up to 1500 like it was about to stall. So all is ok at first. I drive around and car is feeling weak and slow like it has been and kept getting worse. If I revved it in neutral It would take forever to get up with lots of backfires and ect, sounded like it was just running to rich. So I get the car engine light checked again and same thing. I drive around and then later that day I get my engine like checked again because itís gotten worse. Turns out my p0335 comes on! A simple fix I see so I buy the part drive to a buddies we install it in 10 minutes I leave. Car drive a perfectly fine. I get on the freeway do a hard second pull and I start to feel a few hicups almost like a misfire but not really. So I am like wtf you have to be kidding. I kinda start to baby it give it some gas and it just gets worse and worse. It got so bad that I couldnít accelerate so Iím driving home my car is backfiring like crazy and I see my average mpg drops to 11mpg this is not a lie. I go through a 1/4 of a tank in 10 miles this is no joke. So the car is limping home but Iím afraid it wonít make it cus the gas light is on and I turn into the gas station. Put 20$ in head home and the car isnít even wanting to idle to I give her gas to try to keep the rpms up. Car stalls heading out the gas station and I try to start and drive but it wonít. I try and it will start and die. Sometimes it wonít start or it barely catches and dies right away until the car dies. So I sit for 30 minutes waiting for a tow truck. Have a friend jump me just to see if I can figure out whatís going on and low and behold the car idles fine and no problems at all! All I did was take the mass air flow sensor off and
blow on it but I feel like this isnít the culporate. If you read through this please help. Thank you
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What did you use to clean the MAF? I recently put a '97 Crown Vic back on the road that had been sitting for 4 years before we bought it, and the last thing I had to do to get the car to idle and rev up correctly was clean the MAF. It was a night and day difference. I used a MAF-specific cleaner.We took the car on a 2500 mile round-trip to FL over new years and it ran without issue.

And, as others here will surely ask and point out, did you search the forums for the specific trouble codes you read to look for similar BTDT posts?
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Please do not DOUBLE POST as it causes confusion and clutters the site.

If anyone wishes to respond, please post here (thread already in progress):
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Sounds like you have crud in your gas. The filter in the tank is being choked off and the crud gets stirred up when you put more gas in.

Pull the negative battery cable, drop the fuel tank, clean it out, put it back. Let the car sit for a day or so, put the battery cable back on and test.
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