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"Forged Performance: The Truth !"

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Mike Anthony
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Default "Forged Performance: The Truth !"

Interesting review thread over on the GT-R forums.

Someone put it on reddit so there are over 500 people reading this right now. Figured I would share.

Forged Performance: The Truth !
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To many ish reviews from this Company, and personal friend with horrible biz is shady as ***, we already now this, but people need to step up and wisen up as well...**** look what Hennessey did to himself years ago via forums and bravado, ego and $ gets the best of these people.
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My first s1 short block was fault it was destroyed. I'm sure the new one they are sending me will be awesome as well.
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Mike Anthony
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Lots of vendor reviews tend to not be all true... And I'm not saying this one is either. But the pictures alone are bad enough.
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DFW Adrenaline
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A picture is worth a thousand words. And those pictures make me sick
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Read about this on the 370 site. That's $250K down the drain. If this happened to me, I just might literally murder someone. Looking forward to the lawsuit.
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Holy hell!

The cash dropped on that car and the pictures made me sick.
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Living in the area(Atlanta),for what its worth,here's my 2 cents on Forged.
I've seen some great stuff that they have done.Also,seen some bad.
Bottom line if you deal with them,unless you hand over your checkbook
and are doing some super$$$ mods,that may cost 20k,they will be
very arrogant and won't give you the time of day.Pretty much a diva attitude
that I sure don't need to deal with.These guys fly over to Abu Dhabi to work
on GTR's so you get my picture.The other shop in this area,Z1-Motorsports
is more down to earth.However,my last visit for work at Z1 left me with a bad
taste in my mouth.Appears their labor rates went up.I don't mind that if you
drive away satisfied--I was'nt.The change in their service mgr is a factor .Also,
just felt what I was have doing was rushed.Had two nice gashes on my beautiful
Carbing strut bar.Also,my W washer tank cap(billet)was missing.Did'nt notice
this stuff till I got home.Contacted Z1,they replied that I should have brought it up while I was there.They do perfect work,blah,blah.As I run my own business,I get a feel
for the "climate" of how things are going.All my previous trips to Z1 I got feeling of a bunch of car guys that loved Z's,having a great time.Like,getting paid to do the hobby that you love.This time there was a cold vibe.Its like the restaurant business,you are only as good as your LAST meal.Apologies for getting away from the holier than though guys at Forged.Many times businesses get started,get successful.They take themselves too seriously and turn into rock stars!In the end,the customer will start going elsewhere.
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Old 05-10-2013, 06:48 AM
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in before this thread magically disappears like all the others have
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wow what a tremendous waste of money and time, sucks for that guy
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It's not their first time to butcher a car .
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Won't rehash personal experiences myself but I will say one thing.

What a difference the way that community stands behind the MEMBER. Very unlike our FI hay day 2007-2009 where if someon had a LEGIT negative experience no different than this situation our ill informed, nuthugger full forum would $hit on those members who called out these shops. Or the way this forum would delete threads because vendors paid sponsorship.

That guy won't get anything from Forged.
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holy crap the GTR is pushing a lot of posts
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Even assuming the $250K includes the price of the GT-R, that is an amazing amount of money to put in a Nissan. For that kind of coin the guy could have had a Ferrari 458 Italia.
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in before closed
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It's nothing new with those guys. Overcharge and under-deliver. It's been going on for years.
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Crazy stuff. Dang.
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And that's why I do my own work...
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Wow, I've seen better work performed at breakers, certainly less damage. What surprises me most is the silence from Forged, it seems like they don't give a crap that their reputation appears to be going down the pan. The silence is deafening.
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Several v36's and z33's have had almost identical treatment since 2010 and I remember the big theads long since deleted. They had a good rep in the past but seems like it went downhill starting in 2010. Can't say this GTR hack job doesn't surprise me, and I don't think it'll just go away quite as easily due to the sensationalism of a GTR and 250k spent. BUUUUT I mean c-mon...2 years and 250k down the toilet with zero seat time (make that $400k with price of GTR and income taxes added in)...whole new level of WTF was the owner thinking. Both parties need to take a big time out from modding cars.

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