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3rd Gear AT5 Transmission Problem ('04 350Z)

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Unhappy 3rd Gear AT5 Transmission Problem ('04 350Z)

This is my first post here; Iím not a English speaker so probably Iím going to have some grammar errors haha.

i had over 2 years looking for my first car, i was looking for something cool, not so fast and not sooo expensive...

The 350z always has been my dream car, since i drive it in NFSU2 when i was like 6yo...

I saw this 350Z for the first time on May 12, 2019, i tested it, everything was OK, transmission, suspension, brakes, etc...

In June 14 I bought the car, its a 2004 350Z with 50k miles... After 1 week of using it, i had an issue with the transmission, leaving my work i stopped in a red light and put the transmission in N, the light turned green and it changed it to D, everything was OK, i was driving at 40km/h (Around 25mph) until I noticed that the transmission was slipping, i had my car in D and i was accelerating but the car wasn't moving!!! i accelerated the car accelerated for over 5k RPM and it moved a little bit, i turned on my blinking lights and stopped the car in on side of the street... When i stopped the car i was really scared, i didn't know what to do, i saw like a white smoke coming out of the car and then i turned it off, i thought the car just overheated, so i opened the hood and saw jus ta little bit pf white smoke coming out from behind the engine (Where the air intake starts).

I waited for over 30 minutes and opened my radiators cap, i saw no liquid in the radiator so i really thought the car overheated and the car was in a safe mode!!!

I filled the radiator of my car with water (Because i didn't have any store near and i didn't have any money to buy a Coolant), I started the car and since I was on a hill I wanted to try to put R and see if the car was holding but when i stopped pressing the brake(With the transmission in R) the car moved forward like it was in N!!!

I was able to take the car near my building (Like 500m near of the building where i live), i left the car there and walked to my house, called some friends that have 350Z's, and they told me that this has never happened to their cars, that i could have damaged the transmission, etc...

The next day i called a mechanic who attends the 350Z's of my friends, the mechanic went to the location where my car was and he checked it, he noticed the car had a Transmission Oil leak in the hose that carries the oil to the oil cooler.

He didn't replaced the hose, he just bought some clamps and told me to buy and add transmission oil, i filled the transmission fluid and the car started to work again with no problems!!!

After that i only had Spark Plug issues, the car was veeeery loose and it always tried to turn off by it self, last Saturday (July 6) i replaced the spark plugs for some NGK Iridium, and the loose problem was deleted, it didn't turned off, the car's reaction was improved, etc. (The replacement worked) .

The next day (Sunday 7), i tried to turn on the car but the car didn't want to turn ON, i tried 1, 2 and in the 3rd time, the car turned ON.

After I tested the car for the first time, like 1 week later the Owner told me that the car was having issues turning ON, he took the car to a workshop and they detected that the Flywheel had some broken teeth, so they replaced it (I don' know if they replaced it for an OEM, or an used one, i donít really know...)

Last Sunday (The same day that the car didnít want to turn ON), before I successfully turned on the car, I heated the car and went to the street, I went to buy some food, and then I went to a park with my brother, in my way to the park I only accelerated the car 1 time (For over 6k RPM) to enter in a highwayÖ I had to stop for a red light, and when I was in D I accelerated and the car accelerated good, (I was pressing the throttle like 10%), I was very slow, I was going like 15mph when I felt the car slow down on its own and when it accelerated it did not exceed 3000 revolutions, I was scared, the car was walking but when I passed a change the car felt like braking.

I changed the D to 1 (Sequential), 1st gear the car ran well, 2nd gear the car ran well, and I changed the gear to the 3rd one, the car slowed down.

I went to my house in 2nd gear in like 40/50km/h, I was able to park the car in my house, and when I wanted to change from D to R, the car didnít move!!! Then I thought, well, Iím going to put it in N and Change it again to D to check if the car Moves forward, when I put it in N, the car moved forward!!! In neutral!!!! It felt like it was in D, and when I wanted to turn off the car because I was so confused, putted the car in P and it moved too but like it was lo blocked for something (Maybe the Parking Brake).

More information:

- Iíve already made the Engine Oil and the Engine Oil Filter replacement; I just need to replace the air filter.

- I Checked all the fluids and they were ok, the transmission oil was low because my parking lot is on a hill, and the car is a little inclined

- There is no ďCheck EngineĒ or ďAT CHECKĒ lights on, I just have ABS, VDC & SLIP OFF lights turned ON,

- My steering wheel is a little bit turned to the Right (Needs alignment)

- The car is completely Stock.

With this information I have provided, what do you guys think what is happening with my car?
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Hello, and welcome to the forum! Your English is fine.

Your z has fairly low miles considering the age of the car. I would look into replacing the transmission fluid hoses in case they dry rotted at all. Keeping in mind that too much transmission fluid can hurt the car as much as having too little. I have a link here for transmission fluids for your z, it might be worth switching to the Redline synthetic ATF.

In regards to the TCS/VDC lights, are you able to have the engine codes read? I think that getting an alignment will resolve this issue though.
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Yesterday i moved the car to another parking lot which is completely leveled.
The car didn't want to move in R, i had to push it to park it.
When i parked the car, I noticed more Transmission and Engine Oil in the ground after i moved it.
This next week i'm going to get in touch with a guy who have like a transmission scanner or something like that and well, he is asking $45 for scanning my car and give me a diagnosis.
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